Three books to enrich your thinking

Reading improves your thinking

What books do you read? How do the books you read affect your thinking and perception about success? A successful life requires good thinking. I have found most definitions of success directly or indirectly to involve how you think.

Consider these three books to propel your way of thinking as they did mine, and will help put success in a very good perspective for you. I chose these books based on how they transition one’s thinking to a life of fulfilment.

1. Five major pieces to the life puzzle

Jim Rohn (Jim Rohn International, February, 1991) Within this book, the author explains in a chapter called “Philosophy” about how the building blocks of every persons success, as well as failure is his/her philosophy in life. Your way of thinking will determine your philosophy in life which in turn determines your attitude. Your attitude reflects in the activities you perform and that provides results. This progression leads to a lifestyle which sticks and can only be changed by a new line of thought.

This book is phenomenal as it explains briefly how your thinking can transform your entire life.

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2. Thinking for a change: 11 Ways Highly Successful People Approach Life and Work

John C. Maxwell (Center Street, July 2005) “Everything begins with a thought” is one of the phrases in this book. I learned about the benefits of good thinking and 11 ways successful people think.


Big-Picture Thinking will help you think beyond your personal needs.
Focused Thinking aids in the elimination of distractions.
Creative Thinking helps you enjoy the authority of being an author.
Realistic Thinking puts things in proper perspective by by leveraging your abilities and weaknesses against possible risks and downsides. 
Strategic Thinking helps you break down big targets into small perceivable blocks.

Possibility Thinking teaches you not to limit yourself
Reflective Thinking will help you embrace lessons.
Popular Thinking enlightens you about status quo.
Shared Thinking encourages you to value the ideas of others 
Un-selfish Thinking will show you true satisfaction through considering problems beyond your own.

Bottom-Line Thinking ensures your future through examining the returns of every activity exclusive of its financial gains and how it ties into your greater goal

By structuring your month and days with these ways of thinking, you’re very well on your way to a life of fulfilment.

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3. The Holy Bible

This Book can be found almost everywhere and would impetuously be disregarded by many. It is however as practical as it is spiritual. There isn’t anything I can say about this Book that hasn’t been said already by preachers, presidents, through commentaries and people from all walks of life.

I’ll however give you half a verse from the bible that says, “As a man Thinketh”, same title to a splendid book written by James Allen. A good read of the section “Proverbs” provides great enlightenment to one’s approach when it comes to thinking.

Why a must read? Because subjectively I believe it has answers to every question you’ll ever have.

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