5 Exercises for relieving knee pain

Osteoarthritis (OA), as well as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), leads to knee pain. Regular exercises reduce pain, stiffness, and swelling. Five easy and effective exercises are:-
1. Leg Raise
Lie down on your back with your arms at the sides and then lift one of the legs above the floor. Hold it in the air for 10 seconds and then lower it slowly. Repeat the same with another leg. Do the exercise five times every day.

Leg Raise

2. Quadriceps stretch
Stand with your right hand supported and bend your left leg, grabbing it just above the ankle with your left hand. Pull the ankle backward and hold it for a moment before releasing and repeating it with another leg. Do the exercise three more times for each leg.

Quadriceps stretch

3. Half squat
Stand with your feet apart and hands stretched out in front of you. Bend the knees to a half sitting position and hold the stance before slowly standing up straight. Perform this ten times on a daily basis.

Half squat

4. Forward Bend
Stand with your feet apart and knees faintly bent. Bend forward and touch your toes for a few moments before slowly straightening back up. Repeat this motion ten times every day for relief.

Forward Bend

5. Leg-dip
Support your hands and lift one leg, holding it in front of you. Bend the other leg while lowering the body but keep the lifted leg straight. Hold the stance before straightening up and repeating with another leg. Do the action three times for each leg daily.