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In order to keep my fun activity spontaneous and unexpected I requested that my girlfriend come up with something for us to do without my knowing. She ended up coming up with the idea to bake a desert neither of us had made, but had tried before. We ended up making a desert called dump cake. Dump cake is exactly what it sounds like, cake dumped over a filling of your choice.

This is not necessarily a difficult thing to make but it kind of twists what your expect a “cake” to be. We initially tried to just wing the entire recipe but we hit a wall trying to decide whether or not the cake mix should be prepared wet, or dry. One would almost always think that the mix should be mixed with eggs and oil to make a cake batter, but it turns out dump cake mix is to be dry, not wet. The only moisture from the dish comes from the small amount of butter you drizzle on top and whatever is naturally in the filling that is covered by the mix. We figured this out by consulting google.

Our dump cake consisted of about a half dozen pears, peeled and sliced. 1 Box of white cake mix. 1 stick of butter melted and drizzle over the top. Slap the pears in a pan that fits them, pour the mix over top, drizzle the butter. Super easy. Super tasty.

We figure there a lot of ways to modify this desert to make it even more tasty. Things like cinnamon to pair with the pears (hah pair with pear), or possibly different cake mixes.

Finished pear dump cake

Mind Map (image)

Mind Map (digitization)

I made this with the online tool provided. I have the data file and jpg of my mind map.

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Drinking a proper amount of water and being aware of it is a very important part of living a healthy life. For four years now I have taken part in the university marching band. During each season we have a camp that lasts two weeks where we prepare for the upcoming performances. Every camp I make a distinct effort to drink enough water to stay prepared for the 12 hour days of marching. It is vitally important for me and even then it can be hard to maintain what I think is the proper amount. Having more structure and more streamlined monitoring would make a huge improvement.

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Over the counter drugs are ubiquitous but can cause certain headaches at times rather than relieve them. Expiration dates, dosages, directions, side effects, it can all be a blur with the amount of OTC drugs most consumers have. There is room for improvement in many regards for OTC drugs.

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Measuring portions of food is key to a proper diet. It is also one of the most tedious parts of dieting. The biggest factor here is using scales to weigh and properly portion ingredients. There may be ways to streamline this process or be able to automate certain parts of the diet process. This could significantly improve the success rate of diets and lead to better a quality of life for the user.

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