How might we make cooking more efficient for college students.

My General Ideas

Various ideas and topics explored during my hour session. Mostly trying to come up with ideas that made cooking easier and thus more efficient.

New Warm-Up Game

To develop a new warm-up game I initially thought up a couple different approaches. I am involved in many music group around campus so I wanted to incoporate musical elements to my game. My initial idea was to spin off word ball into a sort of lyric writing game. This idea bounced between phrases per person to just single words, to singing tones to make songs as a group. Ultimately I twisted this into a sort of rap writing game, where each person did not have to sing in tone, but would have to come up with rhyming words.

I sat on this idea for a couple days and ultimately completely abandoned it. I realized that coming up with rhyming phrases is somewhat difficult but also very embarising. I figured this would put the barrier to a successful game session too high. From this I rethought what a musical warm up game could be. I enjoyed the thought of the rhythm part from the last game, but wanted to streamline it. This lead me to the game that I ended on: “Simon Beats”. This game is very similar to the game Simon, where the group goes around in a circle and repeats whats happened from the last string of people. The difference here is that instead of multi colored lights and buttons, you repeat the rhythm and action of the last person. The idea is that you use claps and stomps to make rhythms, however the game is not limited to that. Anyone can come up with any sort of sounds that they would like to add to the rhythm. The person who cannot replicate the rhythm starts a new rhythm and the game continues on.

Simon Beats in action

This was successful in the group. It kept everyone attentive, motivated creative, and was not risky. Overall I was pleased with it.

Session Organization

The participants were all college students or recent college grads. Age ranged from 20 to 23. Majors were all accross the board from biology, fisheries and wildlife, to political science. Some people in the group are vegan, other are avid hunters. The biggest bridging connection was that everyone was a college aged student and had a opinion on cooking and preparing food.

The session kicked off with tacos as I talked to the participants about exactly what we would be doing. They were primed on the topic, but the process was left a bit mysterious.

Taco bribery

Games: The session kicked off with a game of zip zap zop to warm up everybody. I requested that everyone keep their hands out of their pockets for this. We then moved on to a game of word ball. The first round was connection based and the second round was random unconnected. We finished up the game section with my newly developed game Simon Beats. The games section took us about 15 minutes.

Brainstorming: We moved to straight to brainstorming after the games. To kick us off I explained what we would do and how and gave an example through an idea I had previously. I then gave the group 10 minutes to freely ideate. After the initial 10 minutes I changed the rules to coming up with ideas that did not solve problems or anti-ideas. I only allowed 5 minutes of this and then flipped the ideation back to normal rules, with the modifier that they should use those bad ideas as jumping off points and come up with solutions. After 5 minutes of that I moved to super hero inspired ideas. We spent 5 minutes with that modifier before I switch it over to a final 5 minutes of free ideation before we wrapped up.

Total idea count: 57

Time Elapsed: 30 minutes

Participants: 4

IPM: .475

We sorted the ideas via silent sorting and then voted on them by allowing each participant 4 votes on their favorite ideas. I did allow them to vote on their own ideas, but discouraged it.

In process silent sorting

Sorting and Voting

Sorted ideas

Categories where named Nonsense, Cost, Gadgets, Reward, Super Hero, Preservation, and Social.

Multi-voting was conducted by allowing each participant 4 dots to mark their favorite. I did allow them to vote on their own ideas, but discouraged it.

Top Ideas

Combination of ideas from my own and from the group session. All idea’s are labeled on the back as to who came up with them.