Automatic Car Parking System becomes trendier and convenient as Wohr comes up with better Designs

A decade ago, could one imagine cars getting parked by way of a lift, managed by an automatic system? In India, would anyone consider an automatic arrangement to be more secure than the prevailing car parking? Were the drivers ready to take on this change, or is it that they were eagerly waiting for one?

Answers and reactions to the above questions may be mixed, however, the fact is — we already have implemented this welcome change into our lives. People going to malls or multiplexes are more than happy to see their car parking through a lift system. The arrangement is an automatic car parking system and the recognition of designing and developing trendiest of these systems goes to Wohr Parking System Pvt. Ltd.

Wohr is one of the most renowned brands of world today. It registers its presence in many sectors, but the one which has earned it a reputation is — stack parking! There is nothing to puzzle with the name; stack means collection or heap of something. So this is the modern day arrangement in which vehicles can be piled up one over another. Obviously, this arrangement sounds much sophisticated and smarter, and is an apt answer to the present day space constraints, congestion challenges and infrastructural limitations.

Over the years, the listed car parking systems manufacturing company has applied innovation in design and made trendier parking systems. What we see today is the most modernized version of car parking lift system of Wohr and in every building, mall, skyscraper, hotel or housing society it has been installed, car or vehicle parking is quite organized.

When a news correspondent recently contacted the company’s Relationship Manager, he was briefed more about the next generation product. He said, “Fast paced infrastructural growth in world needs to be harmonized with smarter arrangements. An automated mechanism to park cars and vehicles was opportune and we came up with it. Earlier, it was difficult for the building owners and residents to ingest the idea as people in India were sceptical about, whether they need it or not! We installed few systems on trial basis in some buildings and gladly, car owners started loving this concept. Evidently, this was a refreshing solution to their everyday parking woes and a kind of relaxation in terms of parking hassles and waiting time. What we see today was evident!”

Another executive who is a Sales Representative says, “Design of our stack parking system has added enormous value to the customer. Buyers are more than open now for them and even in buildings that are under construction, there is special scope for installing our reflexive car placing arrangement. This beforehand initiative not only facilitates a better execution but also assures property buyers that car parking will not be a concern in future.”

Wohr’s designers are recurrently coming up with friendlier designs so as to make every automatic car parking system deliver optimum value to the users — the car owners! Enquiries with respect to Wohr’s parking systems can be had using the email id or at the company’s website .

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