Wohr’s Automated and Smart Parking System Saves Space in Buildings and Towers!

Numerous infrastructural challenges bog Indian roads and parking areas to be messy places. This has long been an unaddressed area and a significant amount of this muddle has been because of the unwillingness of responsible people and decision makers.

However, the scenario looks like changing since world renowned company Wohr Parking System Pvt Ltd has brought tower parking system to India. The system underlines the fact that it is not difficult to end the parking problems and challenges, asall with the revolutionary technology incorporated in it. It is noteworthy here that Wohr is world’s oldest & largest car parking manufacturer and leads the race with its initiationand innovation.

Experts feel that this system is very much futuristic and it has the capacity to change parking system in India for better. Provided some unique features, the tower style elevating parking arrangement for cars, designed and developed by Wohr, is becoming enormously popularand accepted by growing markets.

Finding this as an opportune system and something that Indian roads badly need at this time, a representative met with Business Operations Manager of the company. After a delightful greet, he said, “Interest in the futuristic parking system like tower parking systemis rising now and it is welcome to see such initiative in a country like India. The number of enquiries too has steeply risen in this respect and we hope to see most of them getting converted into sale. While it is soothing from the company perspective, an even bigger pleasure is how things are changing fast in our country. Tower parking is the next welcome thing and the system is being accepted all over. Building administrators have long waited for such a smart, forward-looking reliable and automated system. We being the frontline tower car parking manufacturer India and the world has, it will be now our endeavor to have special stress on quality and ensure steadfast supplies.”

Design of this system is being especially appreciated as it clearly signifies parking in a tower shaped arrangement. At this time when the number of multistory buildings has remarkably grown in metropolitans and also other urban areas, an arrangement as this is felt direly essential.

Having a word with the Design Expert of the company, our news correspondent discovered many novel facets of this tower car parking system. The Expert says, “Wohr tower parking system is an exclusive example of class engineering. Its prevalence is really high in India as the design adequately suits Indian conditions and circumstances. It is appropriate and space-friendly. The idea to park many cars in a short space has been aptly met with this design. Best part is that it is an automated parking system and the storage shelves are user-friendly too. We have taken additional measures of car’s safety and prevention from scratches. Easy to sustain a weight of 2000kg to 2600kg is an outstanding feature in our design and this certainly is a revolutionary inclusion. No wonder if it is seen as the future of parking system in India.”

Having designed a marvelous tower car parking arrangement, Wohr has rewritten its popularity as a preferred parking system manufacturer in India. Enquiries about the product can be had at info@wohrparking.in