How to choose the best first date location

Gentlemen, let’s be honest with each other for a minute — dating ain’t easy.

Most of us associate these types of encounters with a healthy dose of adrenaline, anxiety and anticipation and they’re pretty much right to do so, since the number of things which can go wrong on your first date can be truly staggering.

Given the fact early on you probably don’t know each other that much, every mistake you make along the way can make your chances diminish rather drastically.

However, be not afraid!

In order to make sure your romantic life doesn’t turn south I’ve decided to provide you with a bullet — proof dating advice, covering the most common problems you may encounter.

1. Cost

As soon as you ask your crush out, the very first choice you’re about to make involves budget.

When it comes to spending money on your dates there are many strategies out there. Some say you should bring out the big guns making sure her experience is absolutely epic, whereas others claim that bidding high on an uncertain future prospect is risky, if not plain naïve.

However, the most important thing to consider is this — do not go for something unnecessarily cheap.

Apart from a bad breath, dirty nails and poor clothing going for the most visibly low-budget option is probably one of the worst messages you can send across when dealing with women.

Even though money truly cannot buy you happiness, it definitely can provide both you and your girl with a soothing feeling of comfort and ease in your day to day life.

Also, a bunch of scientists carried out a survey regarding sexually attractive male traits (Buss, Schmitt, 1993) and the results were pretty clear: spending a lot of money on your date from the get go, leading a lavish life and showering her with various gifts turned out to be a powerful aphrodisiac, especially when dealing with short term partners.

You should also consider that we’re all living in the world full of male competition and the more attractive and appealing your date proposal is for the girl, the more she’s likely to ditch her other options and go out with you.

2. Location

Believe it or not, location is one of the most important factors when it comes to setting up a date.

However what I mean by “location” does not merely involve the place you’re planning to go to, but -more importantly — the location of the date spot from wherever she’s coming from. Is your date traveling to this spot from her home, her office or some other place?

This seemingly irrelevant piece of information can be very useful, since typically you shouldn’t force your date to travel long distances to meet you. The reason for this is simple — the less she knows you, the less likely she is to invest a lot of her time and effort to meet you in person.

Therefore, the shorter and easier her route to your date spot is, the better.

Luckily for us, every coin has two sides. Namely, the more attractive your dating offer is, the more motivated she’s going to be to spend some quality time with you. To most people a coffee proposal doesn’t sound nearly as exciting as a weekend in Venice or snorkeling in Hawaii and you too would probably be willing to put much more effort to enjoy the latter rather than the prior option.

To sum it all up, the more enticing your date offer is, the better you’re off. And if it isn’t that exciting, make sure she doesn’t have to spend hours just to get to the date spot.

3. Privacy

This one gets overlooked quite often mostly due to a common misunderstanding.

Yes, when asking a girl out you want to make it as casual and low pressure as possible. That way you avoid any unnecessary anxiety stemming from mutual expectations which arise as soon as you introduce the word “formal date” or “serious, romantic rendezvous” into the equation.

However what you also want to avoid is a platonic, “let’s just be friends” type of meetup, injecting at least a little increment of flirtation into the whole event so that your date doesn’t take you for a non-sexual friend.

How do you achieve it? Simply by choosing a place which offers an atmosphere of intimacy and romance on its own.

So instead of inviting her out to a crowded pub, making the experience feel like attending a rock concert, perhaps choose more cozy place with dimmed lights and quiet music, like an elegant restaurant with some romantic views to look at during your dinner.

That way you can have a seemingly casual conversation, however your surroundings “make sure” the whole atmosphere of your meetup remains romantic, doing all the “dirty” work for you.

Of course it goes without saying that the more extravagant and unusual the place is, the more special and intimate your experience is going to be.


Although one could easily write a million other “useful tips” regarding dating, following just these 3 fundamental rules should secure you a successful date without any blunders or stressful moments.

Also, as a man you can focus only at a limited things at a time and when it comes to dating the less, the better.

Good luck