No luck with online dating? 5 reasons why you can’t succeed on Tinder

If you’ve ever been looking for your other half on the internet, you must realize by now that Tinder is by far the most popular dating application out there.

Upon registration on Tinder all of you, regardless of your sex, gained an access to thousands of people to choose from. Suddenly, at the very disposal of your bare fingertips you could be swarmed dozens of potential mating candidates.

However I could also bet your initial excitement soon turned into a bitter disappointment.

If you’re one of these poor souls who keep shaking their head in disbelief bear with me for a few minutes.

I’m about to show you precisely why most of your efforts were pretty much in vain.

1. Competition

Imagine walking into a crowded bar on a Saturday evening.

Just a quick glance around the room would give you a fair idea about your potential competition for the night. Since statistically most people tend to be of a mediocre looks and only a slim minority tend to be exceptionally good looking, if you were someone of at least decent looks you could potentially stand out in a positive way.

However, as soon as you log onto Tinder the sheer amount of your male or female rivals increases at least hundredfold.

Suddenly you find yourself competing with professional models (professional photoshoots, extremely good genetics), wealthy entrepreneurs (exotic cars, exotic heritage) and people with thousands of followers (Instagram mini-celebrities).

Because of Tinder these people representing the very top 1–10% of human population are now as easily accessible to your potential mates as you are.

As a result, your general “hotness ratings” can drop down rather dramatically overnight and this factor reflects in both the number and the quality of your matches.

2. Ego vultures

Unbeknown to most of the newcomers Tinder has recently become a very profitable mean for a quick self-esteem boost.

Even you get yourself a few dozens of matches you’ll soon realize most of them are not of much value since your counterparties will simply not participate in the conversation.

What could be the reason for this?

Well, I hate to bring this to you but there is a rather large percentage of both male and female Tinder users who partake in this whole ritual only to nurture their darkest urges: desperate need to be desired, sought after or even loved. Every single message they receive from you sets them off on a dirty validation hike and the more messages from various different users, the more desired and appreciated these people feel.

Put shortly, many of your potential dates are not spending their time on Tinder to find the other half. They simply want to repair their damaged psyche using you as a unaware tool.

3. Low priority

If you’ve lived on this planet long enough you could probably agree that we value our real life relationships much more than the ones based only within the depths of the internet.

Unfortunately the same principle applies to Tinder. Since (at least prior to the first date) you’ve never met any of your matches in reality before, their impact on your day-to-day life is minimum.

Hence, if your potential date can choose between some pretty much anonymous person from Tinder or someone he or she has seen in real life to go out for a couple of drinks, it’s simply safer to opt for the latter.

4. Dead accounts

Do you know what the term “rage quit” means? It’s meaning comes from online gaming and refers to the situation when a player gets frustrated with lack of results and simply quits the game.

This phenomenon applies also to Tinder, as thousands of women get harassed with PG18 pictures of male genitalia and various immoral suggestions.

The result of the above can be pretty harsh, since many women simply abandon online dating altogether, yet their account remains seemingly active for other users such as yourself.

5. Shallow metrics

Last but not least it should be mentioned that Tinder matching mechanisms is based entirely on external looks of its users.

Your personality, hobbies, passions, interests, outlooks on the world — all these things in “face” of Tinder simply do not matter even one bit to any of your potential matches.

Also, Tinder doesn’t allow you to display all the activities you would be willing to offer to your potential match.

Do you like yachting? Traveling the globe? Or maybe you prefer exquisite dining? On Tinder you can’t share any of that and you can be left with none of your real advantages.