Personalization is the key to success e-commerce.

It can be deployed in any number of ways but one of the best examples is to apply it to websites to power personalized product recommendations.

According to PwC data, consumers are likely to pay up to 16% more for a better customer experience. One way to deliver that experience is to help clients make purchasing decisions by implementing recommendations.

You can choose from many different types, but it is important to know where each type works best and how to use them well. …

Sharing knowledge is a standard marketing move, allowing you to not only increase the engagement of your clients, but also to present yourself as an expert.

What’s more, according to My Own Conference data, more than 40% of companies preparing webinars notice that they have helped the customer service department by using such events to share information concerning their products and services.

However, it’s important to remember that preparing a good webinar is also a big challenge. …

In 2017, the volume of mobile traffic surpassed that from desktop browsers. Seizing the opportunities presented in the mobile channel is more important than ever before.

Mobile is one of the most direct communication channels, with open rate reaching 90%. Currently, we are dealing with the rapid development of this area of marketing, e.g. in the form of advanced behavioral targeting. It also allows marketers to track in-app traffic and to personalize messages in the application based on the user’s behavior.

First of all, it’s a must to adapt your site to the RWD version. Otherwise, it will not be…

Geolocation of your customers may not be a priority in your marketing and sales strategy, but it’s worth knowing something about what it can do to boost results. It helps you obtain non-trivial insights in order to target your visitors based on their current location, allowing you to send a targeted message to people in a specific territory. The benefits of this are obvious. Geoanalytics makes it possible to tailor your messaging to your target group much more effectively in ways that you can learn more about below.

Send messages to customers close to your store

Information about a certain offer available in a specific location can be…

You create marketing content for your clients and use simple personalization (e.g. based on personal data). However, there are more innovative methods to use if you want to stay a step ahead of the competition.

According to the Personalization Pulse Check report from Accenture Interactive, 91% of consumers prefer to shop at stores that remember their shopping preferences and offer them personalized offers. The solution is to create very advanced personalization, which requires the acquisition of a large amount of customer data. …

According to the Gallup Institute, 73% of Americans believe artificial intelligence will eliminate more jobs than it creates. However, only 23% are worried about their own jobs. Artificial intelligence appears to have a great opportunity to prove itself in the field of creating content. The only question is in which areas will it deprive content creators of work, and in which they will definitely make their lives easier. Let’s look at the possible outcomes of this issue.

How do machines learn?

To enable artificial intelligence to work, you need one thing — data. Every company collects it, though in many different ways. …

These days it’s easy to analyze campaign metrics and their value in a particular channel over time. You can not only observe which segment converts best and what characterizes its members but also what communication channel is the most effective for your business. It is worth analyzing different sales channels in combination with several other indicators. Find out how campaign metrics can help you get on the right path with the way your sales funnel works.

It’s not only about conversions

You may think that sales metrics should be focused mostly on conversion as a tangible customer activity in the sales funnel. To some extent…

It’s essential to not only analyze customer data individually but also to keep an eye on sales metrics. Below you’ll find a few indicators that are worth combining to find out more about your customers’ shopping habits.

Total transaction value in specific time and channel


  • Total transaction Value
  • Time Range
  • Channels (online e-commerce/offline — POS/mobile)
  • Source of contacts (customers from Social Media, RTB campaign, Newsletter, previous customers of your competitors, etc.)

You can analyze transaction data during specific time periods — a day, week, month or a custom time range. This allows you to quickly compare the value of sales at certain times.

You can also add…

Mobile applications are a way to go if you’re looking for effective ways to reach your customers. It turns out that mobile devices will drive 80% of global internet usage and it will grow even more in the coming years. The good news is that you can choose from different options of mobile push notifications and other messaging formats. All of them have unique features and advantages you should know. In this article, I’ll introduce a few basic types that are worth recommending.

In-app messages

You can use them to provide information relevant to the customer and tailored to their interests. …

New technologies that monitor customer behavior online allow us to gradually learn more about them and their preferences. But that’s not all since we can also pick up on many habits that make their future behavior easier to predict. This is a consequence of the rules that govern our thinking, which have much to offer in terms of gaining insights into customer needs and doing a better job of matching our marketing messages to a specific audience. Let’s find out how to leverage these rules in content writing.

1. The Halo Effect

The order that information comes in is very important. Each product has…

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