How This Innovative Startup Helps Ukrainian Protesters  

Krakow (Poland) has became a fast growing startup hub in the region with lots of startup events, and expanding community. And…

Last Friday I had a pleasure to participate in Growth Labs, a growth hacking workshops for startups, held in Krakow’s newest tech accelerator hub:raum.

During the event together with Michael, PressPad’s lead growth hacker, we were among speakers who have been working closely with several startups including Ukrainian team created a website tool to help Ukrainian Protester better organize and avoid places under the snipers fire. is a smart device you can put on the electrical wire, that measures how particular device consumes electricity. I like this #iot idea a lot because it has a huge potential to change the way we use electricity — but this is not about it.

During 1 on 1 coaching session with Alexander, co-founder I asked him about situation in his country and whole protests in Kiev. He amazed me with his story. Alexander told me that his team were helping protesters from the cyber space.

The team created which is an informational site for Maydan Protesters fueled by the protesters themselves — directly from hot spots.

Visit for latest information from Ukrainian protesters

It’s interactive real-time map of everything that is happening during the revolution in Ukraine.

Alexander told me that:

At the first day of launch we had 80 000 views and DDoS attack. Then we created a secret headquarters and coordinated self-defense forces in Kyiv and Ukraine So, we worked almost without sleep for several days to help with coordination of the revolution forces.

I asked him about, how they handle further DDoS.

We use some cloud hosting, but not Amazon. To prevent DDoS attacks, we integrated a special system, guys from Yandex helped us with this (…)
Now they are here in Poland where they bake and maintain while keeping an aye on their homeland.

To me this is another example about power of startups, and strong communities they build. Startups by many meaning are the next big thing, or another milestone on evolution for better society.

I wish them good luck with their product and I hope that they will be able to comeback to their motherland safely.

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~ Wojciech Szywalski / @wojteksz