5 Things I Love About Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is beautiful, but it is also difficult. There are so many pains and discomforts. My first trimester, I threw up constantly. The nausea and fatigue were debilitating.

But just when I thought my body was going to give out, there was the glorious second trimester. I was full of energy and felt like a better version of myself. Our bodies are pushed to their limits, but never more than what we can handle.

Now, I’m 30 weeks along in my pregnancy, and I am so grateful for this special time in my life. These are the top five things I love about being pregnant:

1. The Motivation

Pregnancy motivates you in exciting ways. For example, I’ve always wanted to have a daily meditation practice, but I never stuck with it. Now that I’m pregnant, I’ve meditated everyday for the past 87 days. (And yes, I can feel a major difference in my life! A regular meditation practice really does bring so much peace and clarity to one’s life.)

You are only pregnant for so long. You get nine months to learn as much as you can, read as many books as you possibly can (see my Goodreads page for what I’ve been reading lately), and to become the person you want to be for your child. Any changes you want to make in your life, being pregnant, you will feel motivated to act and act now. I love the feeling.

2. Connection with the Community

Being pregnant is being vulnerable. You realize that you are not an island; you need help. For me, this has manifested in asking for help from my husband, getting a doula to be there for us during the birth, and connecting with my community. All of these things have brought joy to my life, but the community connection was the most unexpected.

I found a local childbirth and parenting center in my town. They offer prenatal yoga, childbirth classes, and pregnancy, new parent, and breastfeeding support groups. It is an incredible resource, and I’ve met wonderful women through the community. It is easy to make friends someone when you both have a big ole baby bump!

3. Fulfilling an Inner Purpose

I have always wanted to be a mother. Starting a family with my incredible husband gives me an inner peace because I am fulfilling my most treasured goal. I have other things I want to accomplish in life, but when I break it down to what is most important to me, it always comes back to family. Being the best wife and mother I can be is my purpose in life.

There is a great deal of propaganda out there about becoming a mother. People have told me, “You don’t want to just be a mother, right?” As if motherhood is the lowliest of occupations. I’ve read articles that say you shouldn’t have kids because you are ruining the environment, movies that portray parenthood as a terrible burden that will ruin your life, and the scariest of all are challenges with infertility.

One of my biggest fears was that I wouldn’t be able to have children, in part because I saw so many women struggling to get pregnant. However, it isn’t true to say they couldn’t have children; rather they missed their window. The sad truth is that often it is because women are waiting too long to have children.

Getting pregnant, and getting pregnant quickly after we started trying, gave me a such relief. I’m proud to fulfill the womanly art of becoming a mother.

4. Clear Skin

A perk that isn’t to be overlooked is the clearest skin of your life! This must be part of the glow everyone talks about, but without a menstrual cycle, pimples are not a problem.

5. Inner Strength

These last seven months, I’ve discovered that I am more capable than I ever thought possible. It feels strange to say that because I’ve had to change certain things about my lifestyle while pregnant. For instance, I delegate or postpone tasks on days when I am more tired. Being pregnant is hard. Your body changes daily, and it is working diligently to bring life into this world.

But I kind of like that it is so difficult. I survived pains, weakness, and big emotions, and I’ve come through the other side stronger. I am earning this baby. I am earning motherhood.

I’ve heard after you give birth, you are part of the biggest sorority in the world: motherhood. Perhaps this is the hazing phase of the sorority, and the final night before I am initiated is labor.

I am proud of the work I am doing to bring this baby into the world and to be the best mother I can be for him. The weakness of pregnancy has made me feel stronger than I ever have. I love being pregnant, and I can’t wait to welcome our baby into the world.

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