Working Out Loud — Circle Diaries Week 1

Six of us have come together to try a working out loud circle. We’re taking it in turns each week to reflect on the process and share our progress. This is the first entry in a 12 week series.

Last Friday I joined my first working out loud group. My main reason for joining was to explore what this actually means. I’d heard about working out loud before, but I assumed it was just simply talking, in whatever way, about what you were working on. I didn’t know there was such a structured approach to forming working out loud groups.

Mike Collins was the driving force behind setting up the group, which consists of six people, apparently one more than the recommended maximum. It seemed a bit harsh to limit numbers to such a small group but having now seen what’s involved in the process, I understand why. It needs to be a size easy enough for it to be personal.

The group commit to weekly ‘working out loud’ meetings and there’s some recommended guidance on what activities the group should accomplish each week. The first week was all about connecting, meeting each other, establishing your own personal goals for the week and listing people to help you reach those goals.

Meet the circle:

Ady Howes | Digital Learning Specialist, Nottingham UK

Chris Coladonato | Learning Consultant, Maryland USA

Hannah Wysome | Learning Consultant, Sheffield UK

Mike Collins | Learning Architect/Community Evangelist, Manchester UK

Ross Garner | Instructional Design Manager, Inverness Scotland

Sam Burrough | Freelance Digital Learning Designer, Bristol UK

We’re all on Twitter so feel free to connect.

Here are the goals we’ve set ourselves:


Learn more about remote teams and what makes them effective and ineffective. Ultimate goal is to help remote team work better and more effectively


Shaping a great conference speech about tech and L&D


Start to turn years of experience in to a written set off approaches and a framework to use networks & communities


I want to create digital resources to support people develop digital skills


To work out loud on my progress towards some sort of VR experience


To work on the process and habit of creating really useful blogs

We’ve set a Slack team up for the group. Each of our individual goals has its own Slack channel. That so far has been a massive help. It’s been interesting to see how this has opened the floodgates in each of those focussed channels to resource sharing and discussion. Each week, we’ll meet again online and talk about progress and work on the activities for the next week.

We’ll keep you updated as our circle moves through the next few weeks. In the meantime, anything you have to share on working out loud we’d love to hear. We’d also like to hear from you if any of the goals are of interest to you and if there’s anything you can share that might help us achieve them.

This week’s post was written by Ady Howes.