Working Out Loud — Circle Diaries Week 2

It’s week two of our 12 week working out loud experience, and we’ve come up against probably one of the biggest challenges for six people living and working in dispersed locations: logistics.

Finding a time when we can all get together for an hour, without project work, holidays, clients and time zones getting in the way, is always going to be difficult: but for now we’re aiming to meet at the same time every week. This week, three of us managed to get together (then, for a while, four).

Between sessions, we had each worked up a relationship list relevant to our individual goals: identifying 10 people who could contribute to them in some way.

Our guidebook encouraged us to think about this list differently, however. Instead of extracting value, we were to think of ways of contributing to those people on our list. We were to score them, on a scale of 1 to 5, based on the intimacy of our relationship. Then think of a way to increase the score for each person.

As a British man who happily embraces ‘slightly standoff-ish’ as a default setting, this sat a little uncomfortably with me — but I’m opening myself up to new experiences!

In reality, most of the session was spent discussing why we had chosen the people on our lists. As we chatted, we started to jump in with suggestions: other people to add, books to read, connections we hadn’t thought of.

This may indeed be the point!

We ended the session by sharing a mini-goal for the week ahead.

This week’s post was written by Ross Garner.

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