Working Outloud — Circle Diaries Week 3

One of the main themes that seems to be emerging for a lot of us is that, pre-WOL, we didn’t tend to put our own personal goals anywhere near the top of the to-do list.

Even though the WOL sessions aren’t at the very top now (we’re not socking it to The Man just yet), the fact that we’ve pledged to do this and we’ve each got five virtual cheerleaders, is spurring us all on to find small pockets of time where we can make progress.

This week’s progress took a number of forms. Building on last week’s ‘relationship intimacy’ thinking, a number of us reached out to our networks. For Ross this resulted in securing some budget for a new VR camera, for Chris, the process of doing this prompted a refinement of her goal and I discovered a great keynote speech by Sarah Cooper that combined insightful content with a lot of humour — something to aspire to over the coming weeks. Mike and Ady had done some thinking about how to tune out the noise on communities such as Twitter, looking at how to harness their value again and Sam had reconnected with Trello, sharing some great tips about new features and ways in which it’s helping support his goal.

Looking ahead to week 4, we’re going to be ‘earning someone’s attention’. We’ll be back to a skeleton crew for the weekly session due to holidays and client meetings, but the ideas will keep bubbling away on Slack, helping us to power on to week 5.