My Experience pt. 3

Another week of college has passed and I have finally run into my first true disappointment. We got our results for our Calculus midterms back and the results were not at all in any way shape or form pretty. Well that may be an exaggeration because I did pass but not to the extent at which I was hoping to. I admitted last week that I did not prepare as well as I could have but I was still surprised because I had not missed a single point in the class yet and I just did not understand how I could have done such a mediocre job when I have only excelled in the class otherwise. So that really shook my confidence. Medical schools will not accept a B. I just cannot let it rattle me and especially make sure that it does not make me lose focus in my other classes. Speaking of my other classes I am working on a very interesting project for my Intro to Theatre class. It is a class that focuses on theatre for social change and for our final project we have to select an event and base a play off of it. I chose a very recent event. Serena Williams recently made headlines for winning yet another Wimbledon title. But for some reason the social media discussion was not centered around her many accomplishments. It was centered around her body and vicious attacks were made regarding her muscular physique and she was forced to deal with many racist remarks about her body. My project discusses the overall politics of how the black female body is viewed in America and I am really excited to continue working on it and hopefully I will have amazing updates for you all in my next post on this site!