That is interesting.
Kristina Adams

I agree that different things work for different writers. Perhaps the trickiest bit is identifying when to switch from spontaneous/scheduled content creation to planned/specific content creation. This may also be important to ensure a writer continues to enjoy that rush one gets from an unplanned first draft, and yet not become crippled by the fear of not knowing where to take the rest of the story.

For example, some of us who still claimed writer’s block (until we read this great post of yours of course :) ) claim writer’s block partly because we started stories and created characters, but at the point when we should have transitioned the spontaneous and inspired writing into a plan and structure for how the story should progress and end, we instead gave in to the fact that we weren’t sure how to proceed.

In conclusion, the goal should be a combination of 1) continuously and courageously writing frequently, while also 2) being aware of a need to map out the work being written so that the next direction of the writing does not become an excuse for writer’s block.