The Closure

Today was supposed to be a productive day for me, but just like any other days in last few months I didn’t do much. But, in a way, I think it has been productive. I was watching some random videos, flipping through vines, short movies, music videos, and yesterday’s grammy performances (Yes, Kendrick killed it!), and then i went looking for Wong-Fu’s videos {I used to watch their videos back when I was in college (I’m in :-( grad school now)}, and ended up watching a video titled “GUYS & GIRLS CAN’T BE JUST FRIENDS ?”

After watching the video, I felt that it spoke to me. Like how I felt betrayed by my crushes, who were/are my friends, and it clearly discussed how the feeling originated in the first place. Few hours after watching the video and thinking for a while I realized that it was totally wrong for me to even have those feelings anymore. I think I got the closure I needed.

Finally, I feel free and Happy. I must admit it’s been a while since I had a joyful day, at least in 2016.

Have a good day, everyone!

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