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In accordance with our earlier published report on the successful completion of the Wolfage Finance Presale, as announced, we have successfully burned WEFI tokens left from the pre-sale.

We believe this decision will have a good effect on Wolfage Finance ecosystem in the future.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the entire burn process and links for verification of the event.

Some details about burning:
1. Due to our governance mechanism with WEFI, we didn’t introduce burning in the token smart-contract itself due to some security issues. …

Dear brotherhood of the Wolf,

We want to say thank you for your continued support, the pre-sale wouldn’t have been a success without your support. It has been possible to successfully close our pre-sale all because of you.

There are several key decisions which need to be addressed and discussed about before we proceed to our next step.

Here are the details of the Presale.

Total raised:
As per bounce: 1869.39392954 ETH (Bounce might not be excluding gas fees)
As per wallet: 1,867.74841733792 ETH (Check at etherscan)

Total allocation to Pre-Sale: 9950 WEFI
Remaining: 623.1410 WEFI (Check at etherscan)

At the inception of Wolfage Finance, we made a strong decision to make it a community project because we believe it’s all about you the community and not us. All we have is just the idea, the rest has been betrothed to our community. After some bad eggs went through our project details and they saw the kind of stuff we are trying to build, they decided to bring us down, started spreading FUDs among our community, writing sorts of derogatory articles about us. …


Wolfage Finance

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