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Keep Calm, Carry On and Communicate!

Mar 25 · 4 min read

In confusing and isolating times like these, responsible communication remains vital. With everyone voicing their opinions, it’s hard to know what information is credible and what is based on rumour and assumption.

Knowing which sources to trust isn’t always easy, but many organisations — including many of our partners — have put together useful resources to help provide clarity at this time.

We’ve compiled a list of these to help you cut through the BS. Being a London-based company they are somewhat UK focussed so please let us know of any other great international resources we may not know about. We’re in this together, after all!

Stay healthy, stay sane, stay informed!


The Conversation

One of the most difficult things to assess is the bias and accuracy of journalism. We highly recommend the Conversation — an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered directly to the public. It aims to counter unreliable information, whether it be circulating via social media, new online channels, political players or some older media outlets.

Other sources:


World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation, the United Nations’ international public health arm, has a section on their website dedicated to Covid-19. With live rolling updates, explanatory videos and myth-buster infographics, they are a reliable source of information helping to dispel misinformation around the disease.

Other sources:


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