Trevor Noah: What’s the “Middle” Between White Supremacy and Equality for All?
Son of Baldwin

Most trains including trains of thought have stops along the way. I’m not sure why the majority of people who write here feel the need to take every train to the end of the tracks.

Let me tell you first there is no institutionalized racism. Fantasy of whiners and people who cannot succeed by their own choices. I work daily with successful people of all races not one of which seems to me to have been held back, many of whom have by far surpassed me. Sometimes by special favors based on their minority status but mostly by merit.

Your narrative is just wrong. The situation for minorities gets worse the more we do for them rather than better. The war on poverty is a vast and expensive failure where good intentions have created bad results. Fredrick Douglass what correct we should have done nothing about the black man and let him do it for himself. It is the interference of arrogant people who believe they know best that has screwed up their lives.

Look around at the successful minority population, it’s not hard to find. The first thing you see is mostly people who have avoided or escaped the “help” of the arrogant intellectuals. If you ask the people who took the help they will tell you the successful are too “white”. A racist comment if ever there was one. My assumption is that “white” is successful and all others are not based on this type of comment. I find this sad.

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