Washington State University Campus Climate
David Leonard

What absolute rubbish. This is America where freedom of speech and individual citizens rights rule supreme. Not wanting illegals is in no way racist so put the label away it’s phony and unjustified.

What you are hearing is backlash from all the pressure and labels “Political Correctness” has stuck on people over many decades, marginalizing opinions that are valid with labels that are phony and invalid.

The Gay community fought, mostly the right way for their rights to marriage etc, that is to be respected. The illegals are like fleas deciding to bite the dog and demand the right to stay on him. This is wrong, fight to change immigration law, do it the right way not as a parasite demanding to be accepted.

Please read the Quran, Muhammad was violent and converted most of the Arab lands by the sword. Catholics did the same in South America, we’ve all heard that tired argument which fails since unlike Muslims, Catholics are no longer committing these atrocities.

Differing opinions and diversity are what made America great so it’s unlikely with his rhetoric that Donald Trump will ever succeed. What we need are open borders and personal responsibility, this is what made America great and can do so again. Let immigrants in, end social programs and let everyone work to survive. Simple solution to a simple problem. To do these things you must do it the right way and change the law not stamping your feet demanding the wrong solutions yet again.

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