Indivisible Against Trump: A practical guide to fighting back.
Wil Wheaton

Wow I really hate that Trump was elected but I am conservative at heart. Your paranoia is a bit disturbing as are your fantasies about history. There were many progressive things President Obama might have done, but instead chose to jamb his expensive burdensome health care plan down our throats without allowing anyone to know what it was. You recall you must pass it so you know what’s in it don’t you?

The reason Trump is president is because Barrack Obama was do divisive. You recall Trevon Martin don’t you? A thug who could have been Obama’s son. Michael Brown another thug who was shot justifiably based on all evidence yet Obama practically encouraged rioting.

No I hate Donald Trump as a human being and as a president yet I understand how and why he got there and hope we finally get a population that understands it and stops supporting these two ridiculous and crazy parties.

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