SWAP — Enigma (ENG) to Secret Network (SCRT)- Easy Guide by SG-1 Validator

Enigma (erc-20) is migrating to its own sovereign Cosmos SDK based chain called Secret Network. The community enabled swap process is currently ongoing until the end of the year. Now every Enigma (ENG) holder can swap their ENG for SCRT on a 1:1 basis. The process takes around 15–20 minutes. We have compiled an easy guide for you to better manage the swap.


✅ Metamask (Add the extension to your browser)

✅ Have your ENG ready in your Metamask Ethereum address.

✅ Have $10–50 of Ethereum (ETH) in your Metamask to cover gas fees

✅ Have a Secret Address (Open one via Mathwallet, Keplr Extension or Ledger)

Have all of the above? Now your ready to start the swap.

  1. Open https://secretswap.io/

2. Metamask will ask to connect. Give it permission.

3. Next insert the amount of ENG you would like to swap for SCRT and insert the SCRT address which you have created in the pre-requisite part of this guide. Accept the terms and click “START SWAP”.

4. Be patient this process can take a couple of minutes or up to 1 hour if the Ethereum network is clogged.

5. Metamask will ask you to cover the gas fee. Accept and wait until the swap process is complete

6. On the bottom of the page a green text will appear indicating that the burn was successful. At this point you can close the page and check your Secret address. Your freshly swapped SCRT will arrive any minute.

7. Finally we recommend to stake your SCRT via either the Keplr Extension, Math or Ledger and help secure the network.

8. Stake with SG-1 Validator https://sg-1.online/secret/

We provide 100% soft slash protection. A state of the art infrastructure, low commission and 24/7 availability.

If you have any questions about the swap process feel free to reach out to SG-1 via

⭐️Telegram: https://t.me/sg1online

⭐️Web: https://sg-1.online/

⭐️Twitter: https://twitter.com/sg1_online




SG-1 Validator @sg1_online | Securing & actively expanding Cosmos SDK based blockchains.

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SG-1 Validator @sg1_online | Securing & actively expanding Cosmos SDK based blockchains.

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