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Pedro Piñera here’s the link : (just wikipedia).

As for work I think we are the only few that are that workaholic. That forced that we should be doing open source, or up to new technologies or doing all that stuff… I don’t think this is normal. Maybe we’re being “americanized”… not sure

Try and do less :). Stay watching tv randomly for an hour. Go walking. Just don’t do anything. Don’t commit to too much. I have 2 notebooks with ideas, 2! And I’ll try to do one each month (impossible). But as far as this doesn’t impact my mood it’s fine.

The moment it does, you should think why are you doing this, and if you should be doing it, or rather choose something different.

Not sure I’ll be in NSSpain, but if I go we’ll have some :wine: :D.

Stay safe,


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