Retrospective value

I quite strongly believe in agile and Scrum. But more than the weeks, the planning and the structured plans. The best part of agile is the continuous improvement that comes with it. To be able to improve you need to ask yourself what went well and what didn’t. Try to experiment with ways of improving.

It must be done regularly (at least for me), basically because I’ll forget what happened! It’s important that every part of the team has voice (not just devs). Because every part of the team will look at the problems from different angle. It’s also a good opportunity to learn how people is. Probably more than any other thing, because you talk about the bad things on a very controlled environment.

I was lucky enough to learn Scrum in the first company I worked after Uni. I’d like to thank the person there that drove that change. This was quite game changer when I joined different companies, as is something you didn’t learn in Uni.

As experiment I’ll start doing retros of my own life. To see if the small changes I’m introducing make me feel better in any way.

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