Why Aren’t People Using Smalltalk?
Richard Kenneth Eng

Teamwork concept and Googling

I have to admit I’m not very familiar with Smalltalk. But this is true also for most decision makers. I earn my money as a freelancer working in large teams. In the process of getting acquaint with Smalltalk I never read about concepts how people can work together in the same Smalltalk environment instance. Googling „Smalltalk teamwork“ doesn’t help at all. So it’s not easy to help yourself. Googling „Pharao Teamwork“ helps a little bit and brings you to Monticello but still not to the concept how to use it working in a team. Not to speak about teamwork with Smalltalk in general. So these two things are for me the reason why I am not using Smalltalk yet and it may be the reason for decision makers as well and thus why Smalltalk isn’t used in the wild.

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