Hey, I am Lei . I am born in Tianjin, Mainland China and live since over 15 years in the beautiful city of Cologne in Germany. Together with some German and Chinese friends we developed the idea of LOVE PAPER.

We love paper because it is so versatile and sustainable. In my country of birth China, people are working a lot with paper because it is very flexible and with a bit of color, it brings much joy in every day. Sometimes I miss that in Germany. Colorful small gadgets that enchant the everyday life. That’s the reason why we developed LOVE PAPER, the magic Paper to make every day to an happy day, with colorful love. There are so many opportunities every day.

Do you know this situation? Somebody invites you for dinner and you want to bring a small gift with you. A bottle or some flowers or whatever. You find it, but it´s “ naked”. No nice packaging material at home to make your present more impressive. Imagine the great feeling if you are able to pimp up your present without any effort within seconds? No hazel or headache and your amazing present is ready for a wonderful dinner. Yep- you can get it :-)

LOVE PAPER the versatile multi-artist!

LOVE PAPER is high valuable Paper Products made of renewable raw material. After use you can recycle it easily. The papers we use are dyed through, with non-toxic, ecofriendly economic colors, so they can develop their full brilliance of colors. My friends in China, who are involved in the development, produce LOVE PAPER with a lot of care and love. The production is not easy. Each sheet of paper is glued on 68 points, with the next loop precisely. So that’s the way we get this wonderful honeycomb effect. They have to repeat this procedure approx. 250 times to get the stack for the LOVE PAPER.

The sheets must dry now approx . 24 hours accordingly so that they get their stability. After the raw material is dried, the will be punched to get her shape. With the last step they get an adhesive foil to make the final assembling very easy. Please check my short video clip.

Dive into the creative magic of colors, forms and ideas.

LOVE PAPER gives you the free space to the way of your creativity. Whether as a decoration element, quality packaging, nice gadget or smart summer hat. With LOVE PAPER, you attract the attention of your friends . GUARANTEED :-)

Right now we produce LOVE PAPER with 12 actual trend colors and 5 candy color combination. In the way of creativity, there are no limits with LOVE PAPER. I am sure in future we will provide a lot more varieties. That’s your task: LOVE PAPER is open for new ideas and inspiration. Visit and check the latest news and ideas. The LOVE PAPER Community will vote for the next products and you can participate directly here with Indigogo.

That’s the trend colors for the start.

What‘s Your Favorit Color?

office. Invite colors to your next. With a few simple steps, you can create your pen box, tray or pad. So color in YOUR life comes easily. :-)

LOVE PAPER on your desk

You like color on your desk. At home or in the Office. With a few simple steps you can create your pen box, tray od pad. So color comes in your life easily.

LOVE PAPER gift packaging

Sometimes everything has to go fast and shall look good. Difficult? Not really. With PAPER LOVE you’re doing a sensual object from a filthy bottle. Or you buy some candy as an exceptional additional decoration. Let yourself inspire by the following examples and become creative. Post your ideas on Facebook and join the Love Paper Community.

Color up your gift or…

Present it impressive.

or fancy and sweet. Your imagination is the limit with LOVE PAPER.

My Tip: LOVE PAPER is not only a nice decoration. In summer LOVE PAPER simply protects you as a Sun Hat, shades you and looks even more amazing. Your donee will be thrilled.

COOL Candle with Magenta Robe

or gift sleeve for bottle

.or do prefer sweets plate. Whatever you imagine make it come true with LOVE PAPER.


If there is something I like almost as much as paper, that’s flowers. Maybe because they are also so beautiful, cute and colorful. But the packaging is mostly hideous. Ugly paper or environmentally-unfriendly plastic foil.

With LOVE PAPER you get an impressive arrangement easily from any bouquet /pot. View the example images or my video clip right on and get creative by yourself. By the way: Flowers are usually quickly withered. LOVE PAPER provides an additional long pleasure as a decorative element or as stylish solar shading.

LOVE PAPER Sun Protection with fun& style

When it gets really hot in summer, you can quickly sunburn in the face. With LOVE PAPER it is simple to protect you. LOVE PAPER shades you and is breezy by the fine structure. It also looks even more amazing. You’re not sweating under this kind of hat and nothing happens to your hairstyle.

Shall I tell you a secret?

There are 2 ways to use LOVE PAPER as a hat. Press the top side of LOVE PAPER together. Another shape, like in the picture outside right is born. Of course you can simply slip in your PAPER LOVE as shown in the other pictures — that’s the regular style.

Our exclusive invitation for LOVE PAPER friends

LOVE PAPER is new in Europe. My friends and me are very curious whether you will like LOVE PAPER and how creative you apply it. That´s why we are looking forward for your exciting emails, posts and tweets. The production is by heart and connected with a lot of manual work. My colleages in China have however very well prepared everything and are highly motivated. Samples are ready and the first production is on track. We start to build up an distribution network , to serve you more easily with the latest LOVE PAPER. For the future we expect a retail price in the marked from around 10 USD/each. Our exclusive invitation for LOVE PAPER friends with INDIGOGO according to the wisdom of Albert Einstein : “Happiness is the only thing that is doubled when you share it.” Let’s share the LOVE PAPER with our friends. Check our Perks for friends.

INDIEGOGO Campaign ends middle of June 2015.

We start shipment a.s.a.p. The Indigogo campaign is finished with the EARL BIRD orders and continue with the further orders rapidly.

Join us at:

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