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SeekStorm is a Search as a Service.

The search API offers web-scale, real-time, full text, instant search for your data and documents.

SeekStorm is a Crawler as a Service.

A high-performance, focused crawler turns any website into JSON docs with structured data.

20x speed and 200x payload compared to Lucene

30x more queries and documents per dollar spent

Turnkey, affordable, scaling, high performance search.

Why we built SeekStorm

Search is omnipresent in today’s Information Age. The giant amount of data produced makes searching a core part of almost every solution stack.

Whether your customers searching for products or information on your website or research papers, patents, court or patient records need to be searched, the search solution decides whether your business or your research is successful or a frustrating experience.

Three options for search

  1. Build the search…

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The Pruning Radix Trie is a novel data structure, derived from a radix trie — but 3 orders of magnitude faster.

After I published SymSpell, a very fast spelling correction algorithm, I have been frequently asked whether it can be used for auto-completion as well. …

Exploring the implications of Artificial Intelligence, Consciousness and Free will

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AI will replace most jobs. Human labor becomes worthless, the biggest devaluation in history. Democracy will crumble as people lost their negotiating power. Consciousness will spontaneously emerge in AI by Darwinian evolution, not by human engineering. Superintelligence will surpass the human and replace our species — in this millenium.

The NASA is working on project HAMMER to protect the earth from an asteroid that in 2175 has a 1 in 2,700 chance to hit us. …


Wolf Garbe

Founder SeekStorm (Search-as-a-Service), FAROO (P2P Search) https://seekstorm.com https://github.com/wolfgarbe https://www.quora.com/profile/Wolf-Garbe

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