WolfiGang Announcement and more! 💎

5 min readOct 28, 2022


Hello frens,

We are excited to announce the brand expansion for Wolfi Land holders! Welcome to the WolfiGang, an exclusive group of NFT owners that will receive unique benefits by just holding a Wolfi.

The gang is here!

Here is a little announcement trailer we made for you!

To enter the WolfiGang: go to our Discord server and interact with the CollabLand bot to get verified as a Wolfi holder.

The Benefits 🌟

  • WL Spots Giveaways for holders!

All Wolfi holders will participate in special WL spot giveaways from various future Avalanche NFT projects (This is already active on our Discord! We've been giving away WL spots from various projects from day one).

Also, the giveaways will always benefit Mythic and Epic holders greatly, but sometimes they'll be given away randomly to all holders, depending on each project's needs.

  • Merch Store Access (TBA)

As one of the key promises on our website, we will have a Merch Store only accessible by Wolfi Land holders. We will update you about this in the future, but we expect the Merch Store to be near completion by Q1, 2023.

  • Commemorative NFT emblems

All holders that join the WolfiGang (By verifying their Wolfi on our official Discord) will receive a commemorative NFT emblem. Only one thousand (1,000) of these will ever exist, and we will only give them away to the holders joining our group. They'll be given in batches, so stay tuned on Twitter for the first batch, coming in the next few weeks after this announcement!

As a sidenote, Epic and Mythic holders will receive a special emblem different from the rest!

  • Being able to vote in community decided changes!

This one is very straightforward. Holders will be able to participate in community-decided changes about our Discord group and all organization areas. The voting system will be held by core team members on chosen topics.

🕔 Important Note: The community proposal chat will be active starting from next week on our Discord!

  • Cooperation for brand expansion

Team members will be able to come together to participate in the brand expansion. That means creating self-organized events on social media or in real life where Wolfi holders can gather. Anything that helps WolfiLand brand expansion go forward at a faster degree is welcomed! Remember, the Gang is about creating an exclusive group, and your support in making that happen is important too! (And the core team will do the best support these events).

  • Benefits for future Wolfi Collections (TBA)

All current holders will be WL'd automatically for future Wolfi Collections. Since Wolfi Land's collection is a thousand pieces (and currently ~400 holders), we will distribute addresses randomly for each collection. Mythic, Epic and Special holders will have unique treatment for all the collections, so they will get WL'd automatically, no matter what!

Something that we can upfront about this is: all future Wolfi collections will have fewer pieces compared to the current one, and the genesis collection (Wolfi Land) will be the one with the most benefits.

Also, future collections will have completely different artistic themes, and each will have particular use cases aside from being special collectibles.

Specific details about this will be posted in the future when we introduce our next main collection in the coming months. Our current focus is to deliver the digital artbook and the merch store!

  • Have anticipated access to the Wolfi Land-produced web meme series about the Avalanche community!

Wolfi Land is happy to announce a web-meme series (in the style of Bizonacci) featuring many Avalanche (AVAX) OGs!

Our holders will have anticipated access to the episodes, and they will also participate in the brainstorming and storytelling of the chapters.

🕔 In addition, the official web-meme series Discord Chat will be available to Wolfi holders by November 3, when we start producing the first episode.

Today's objectives 📍

We would like to talk about what we are doing right now! And it's very simple: finishing the digital artbook we promised to our minters.

Only minters and holders from a specific date before the artbook release will be eligible. Here is information about the digital artbook:

  • We will link an NFT to each digital artbook, customized for each file.
  • The art book will be hosted on our server, but it will be downloadable.
  • Minters will be able to get a signed entry for their digital copy from Mar, with their names or pseudonyms written as well. It will also be signed with a hash using thel be linked to the artbook.
  • The snapshot date for the Wolfi holders will be given at a random date before the release of the art book. Also, consider joining the Wolfi Gang group and verify your Wolfi ownership to be able to submit the alias you'd like Mar to sign for. (This will be gathered at a later day and will be announced in Discord and Twitter).

The way we will link the NFT to the PDF is still a work in progress; looking for the best options available. However, I think we have a good solution planned right now, but it could change. (So, to be clear, that means the way we decide to spread the digital artbook is subject to changes!)

📍 As a sidenote: we want to launch an updated website before the start of next year. More updates regarding this will come soon on Twitter!

Is a new minor collection coming?! 🎨

Yes! We plan to do a Wolfi collaboration with various artists from the Avalanche ecosystem. More information about this is coming in November. Stay tuned!

This collection, in particular, is more an art project for the sake of the community and culture of Avalanche than anything else. Therefore, profits will be divided among the artists that will participate.

(And… yes, holders will have WL benefits for this new collaborative collection).

We will distribute Four new Special Wolfies🏆

As some of you may know, we have a collection known as Wolfi Land Specials. Four prominent community members from the Avalanche Ecosystem will be hand-picked to own a special Wolfi associated with their characters.

Stay tuned for that!

Thanks to you for the support, Wolfi fren! 🐺 We will keep working hard to make the nicest exclusive club of Avalanche #AVAX.