The Weird Redemption of SF’s Most Reviled Tech Bro
Lauren Smiley

A compelling read that does an interesting job of showing the mentality of Gopman. Unfortunately Gopman isn’t the guy he would like us to think he is and that bleeds through the article. He remains focused on being “the man”. Only now he wants to be “the man” of homelessnes instead of tech. It’s still very him-focused. He finds stumbling blocks and barriers and what the article lacks the ONLY thing it lacks imo is that it suggests that he uniquely sees this barriers.

Everyone told him to put his efforts into current homeless solutions and he instead thought to do his own way because that would actually get his name out there in a good way. When he finds himself stymied I can’t help but wonder if everyone else working on the same problem doesn’t experience the same problems he does. Perhaps that might be why they’re working on the solutions they’re working on.

Instead of a heroic redemption I see a man suffering from a variation of a Don Quixote complex. Utterly convinced that he’s seeing truths that no one else can see.

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