I realized I could be perfectly happy marrying a dude who didn’t understand everything I loved
Solid Dudes

ahh the compatibility of incompatibility. Would that more people would understand this. It’s like video game nerds who only search for other video game nerds. As if having in common a shared love of Anime is the most important feature in a mate.

It isn’t. You can be into someone and not share the same interests. My sisters aren’t into the aspects of nerd culture that I am. But if a dude was cool with them they could date a nerdy guy. The respect is the important part. I’ve seen posts from guys who fear if they don’t date a girl into the same hobby as them they won’t be allowed to collect comic books anymore. You don’t need to find a girl equally into comic books as you. You just need to find one who doesn’t mind that you are who you are.

She can be into board games, and I can be into gardening. We don’t have to obsess over the same things. We just have to respect each other’s obsession.

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