They despise financial leeches, charities begging for money in, money out, and are excited by models that help other people help themselves.
There’s Nothing Wrong — or Even New — About Zuckerberg’s New LLC
Nadia Eghbal

He can do what he wants with his money but that doesn’t make it charity. Financial leeches is a horribly dehumanizing way to describe charity. Not all charities exist to help people help themselves. Some exist to address problems that will never be profitable. Rare diseases for instance isn’t an investment that will ever be financially profitable but that doesn’t mean it’s a financial leech.

The idea that charity and lack of profit at opposing poles is what’s wrong with Silicon Valley. Charity isn’t people begging for money and leeching off the rich. That’s just what rich people think if they’ve become too used to people getting close to them just to leeching off them. Some charities NEED money and won’t be able to give you money back. That’s why it’s charity and not a small time loan.