The Green Lantern character has been through several renditions throughout his lifetime. Different names, identities, backstories, and races. And while Green Lantern is a key member of the Justice League cartoon series, he’s been snubbed from the recent JL cast.
Let’s Make Superman A Minority
J. King

There’s a difference between Green Lantern and Superman. Green Lantern is job a role. Superman is a persona. It’s Clark Kent/Kal-el.

I have very little issue with a minority Superman but that example is unfair. Unless you’re saying someone else inherit the Superman role. A new character called Superman. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Green Lantern is a cop. Anyone can be a cop. Which is why it works. The same thing with Doctor Who.

That central difference is why I’m not a fan of Lady Thor, which is to say because Thor isn’t a job. I wanted the hammer to be given to someone else who was a lady. Not for a new lady to call herself Thor. For decades ‘I am Thor’ and ‘My name is Thor’ was pretty clear, now all that’s wiped. It’s more than just retconing what the word Thor means. I mean complaining about a comic retcon is like a hurricane chase complaining about the wind. You sign up for that as a comic reader. But the whole Lady Thor thing is a different bucket of chicken and academic to boot because my random behind wasn’t consulted and they did what they wanted to anyway. No biggie, I don’t have to like everything.

My central point remains that what you’re saying isn’t wrong. But the analogy is.