Oh, look, another discussion about how sex at 14 is inappropriate

Let’s face it: no one cares about the law.

(The “you” is anyone who is against lowering the legal age of consent. Not necessarily to the reader.)

You see that picture up there?

Look at it for a few minutes. Now let the truth sink into you. Let your brain become used to it. Acknowledge that it exists. Slowly, if you want. It’s new information, I know, been a while since school.

This is not what 14-year-olds do.

You got it? Okay, repeat along with me. Three times. Embrace the cold, fresh air, you’re not living under a rock anymore.

Fine, I’m making fun of the whole thing, but it’s either that or swearing, because I’m really fucking tired of this debate. And when I’m tired of something or angry in general, I write blog posts.

So there’s this debate going on among Belgians about the proposal of lowering the legal age for having sex to fourteen. Currently it’s sixteen. So if you’re under sixteen, having sex right now is, in fact, illegal. Which means that no one under sixteen has sex, right? Right? Of course not. So I’ll debunk the most common reasons against lowering the legal age, which I got from Facebook comments — you know, that place where people drop their nonsensical grammatically incorrect bullshit.

Let children be children!

Fine, at your age 14-year-olds played with Barbie dolls and did basketball matches in the backyard. Cool story bro, but times change. 14-year-olds these days are not children anymore. Do you see 14-year-olds play with Barbie dolls? Ever? No, you don’t. They’re busy with smartphones. Some “children” are mature enough at this age to have sex appropriately and safely.

Sure, and make paedophilia legal in one go!

So that’s logic now? Sex is allowed at a lower age, there we have the paedophiles? No. Paedophiles couldn’t care less about the law. The proposal here is obviously about sex with mutual consent.

Next step, sex with animals!

Animals. Cannot. Consent. You do realise that humans cannot understand any other animals’ language, right? There is no way for a different species to consent to having sex with a human.

How about rape?

No. Same as above. There must be mutual consent.

Here comes an increase in teen pregnancy!

This can easily be proven wrong. Have a look at these really cool statistics about teen pregnancies (I know, they’re from the US, but the best I could find).

If you didn’t get it, teen pregnancies are declining. Not extremely quickly in the last decade, but the line is going down. And do you really think that it’ll go up again as soon as sex is allowed under sixteen? Genuinely? If the level doesn’t go a whole lot lower it will at least keep going, because no one cares about the law, and the kick of doing something that isn’t allowed is gone. I’m quite sure there aren’t many teenagers who’ll go “Oh, look, sex is allowed under sixteen! Yay!” and rush to the bedroom (or somewhere else, whatever floats your boat) along with their boy- or girlfriend, or friend with benefits since a minute ago or anything, rip their clothes off and mess around under the sheets for a while. No one sane does that. These kinds of people usually die a virgin or wait until marriage (which is also hypocritical because you’re denying yourself something biologically required for some bullshit called a religion, you were put on this earth to procreate and die, but I want to step out of my drifting off topic habit so I’ll put four parantheses here to stop myself from coming back to rant about waiting until marriage)))). Since you can read this, you were born with a brain, why not use it?

No! Back in my day they were different!

Cool. So how were they right then and wrong now? Who decides what’s right? Also, nostalgia is an illusion, but no, that’s off topic, again.

Are you getting crazy?

No. We use logic once in a while.

Children [sic] that age aren’t mature enough, they can’t make their own decisions.

Some can. Some can’t. Everyone is different. Some fourteen-year-olds can have sex safely and responsibly while drunk partying 22-year olds have one night stands and catch an STD or get (someone) pregnant. It’s that way now and changing the law won’t make a difference.

The simple solution: no law about having sex with someone of the same age altogether. No one follows it anyway, and rape is still rape, just like paedophilia is still paedophilia. But sure, people will complain and say it’s inappropriate because they think like someone from the 50s.

In that case, though, 14 is a step in the right direction. Stop making decisions for people who are perfectly capable of making them themselves. Sure, an egotistical douchebag with a libido as big as the moon should not go fuck anyone next door. But some people use their brain in a good way. Let them be. And if you think the law will change their behaviour, you are wrong.

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