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The Truth About the Jilly Juice Cult Pt. 1

Social media sites such as Facebook have contributed to a rise of scam artists, snake oil salesmen, and new age cults. One of the newest and most dangerous cults to have started on Facebook is the Jilly Juice Cult. Jillian Epperly is the proud leader of the cult of Jilly Juice; she is the self admitted leader to a cult dedicated to “poop.” Jillian promotes a very dangerous high sodium recipe that she states can cure/reverse/heal everything from A to Z. It is obvious that Jillian has targeted the weak, the sick, and the most vulnerable members of our society. Jillian continues to suggest that this recipe is safe for the elderly, pregnant women, children, pets, cancer patients.

Jillian promotes dangerous ideas, such as reversing down syndrome and healing ALS

At first glance, the cult of Jilly Juice appears to be comprised of people who are dealing with an array of illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and other health related issues. However, some of the more perplexing ailments that people are trying to heal with Jilly Juice include autism,down syndrome, als, amputees, people missing organs and homosexuality. In the following images, we can see a parent of a child who only has 1 kidney. The parent is seeking to regrow the missing organ. Jillian offers her dangerous belief that the salty Jilly Juice recipe may help regrow the missing kidney. It is important to note that a high sodium diet would be very harmful to a person with 1 kidney.

The Jilly Juice Recipe is approximately 2 cups of chopped cabbage, 2 cups of water, and 1 tablespoon of salt. Jillian claims that the recipe needs to ferment for a few days and then the protocol suggests users consume up to 1 gallon of the Jilly Juice per day. She further states that the goal is to consume this recipe every day for the rest of your life.

On the Left is the daily recommended amount as per Jillian’s instructions, on the right is the recommended healthy amount of daily sodium intake

Please note, it is estimated that the Jilly Juice recipe contains more than 4x the recommended amount for daily healthy sodium consumption.

While many people have begun to debunk the Jilly Juice protocol and speak out against the high sodium substance; it appears that the cult is continuing to grow. Jillian continues to garnish support from vulnerable and sick people. There have been multiple deaths related to the Jilly Juice cult. Aside from people dying, reports of seizures, strokes, and major heart related issues have been reported. One of the most common side effects that are reported within the cult is diarrhea,constipation and physical pain. Many express a feeling deliriousness,wooziness,and intoxication. Almost all of the side effects reported within the cult are seemingly related to salt poisoning. Jillian and her team of admins were constantly data mining the group for side effects and adverse reactions; many people reported seizures and Jillian insisted it was a sign that the body was healing. Jillian and her team were 100% aware of the dangerous and painful side effects associated with the Jilly Juice-but their screwed perspective has led them to believe than pain is a symptom of healing.

Despite the fact that many of these side effects can be directly correlated with consuming excessive and toxic amounts of salt; Jillian pushes a mantra that “Pain is Healing.” She continues to state that the only way to overcome the pain is to increase the amount of juice that you consume. “Pain is Healing” was file number 2 within the Jilly Juice manifesto. This was a statement that was constantly regurgitated to anyone who experiences negative and painful side effects as a result of consuming the recipe.

In the following video, Jillian advocates that the solution to all health issues on the protocol is to increase the dosage:

For nearly two years, online activists banded together to debunk the Jilly Juice cult. After amassing a Facebook group with a following of over 60,000 members; much of the content within the Jilly Juice group was highly scrutinized by the public. Activists continually reported images that depicted children and infants being fed a high sodium concoctions which led to bloody diapers,seizures, and the passing of what appears to be stomach lining. Videos and images of children reported as “intoxicated” remained published within the group for over 200 days; Facebook never removed the content despite constant flagging and concerns from the public.

After a few failed interviews with well known news sites, Jillian started to censor some of her commentary. As the story of Jilly Juice continued to gain momentum, several well known Youtube commentators began creating viral videos to mock and debunk her. Earlier this year, Jillian was featured on the Dr. Phil show where she engaged in a “debate” with medical professionals. While the approach from the Dr. Phil show was professional; many of the more dangerous aspects of Jillian’s agenda were not discussed. Jillian’s mental health and delusional ideology was not the forefront of the episode. The episode was mostly a platform for Jillian to express and defend her deluded ideas.

As the death toll and injuries related to Jilly Juice continued to climb, Jillian began to change her narrative and ultimately removed all traces of her group. Furthermore, anyone who questioned her recipe was usually subjected to gaslighting and typically they were banned. It is my personal opinion that when Jillian deleted her Facebook group, she removed all evidence of the severe injuries that occurred from her protocol. Jillian eventually moved her content to a private, for profit website which is still operational today. Jillian still has a public Facebook account where she continues to promote her cult and she is desperately seeking a larger platform to share her dangerous ideology. She continues to charge $75 per hour for private consultations. She also is attempting to sell her book (which has already been leaked online for free)

Jillian displays personality traits that are commonly associated with a cult leader. She specifically targets the weak,sick, and vulnerable and attempts to charge them outrageous amounts of money for her advice. Jillian has no degrees, no medical background, no credentials-yet she somehow continues to grow her following. She preys upon the conspiratorial minded; those who believe that the “elite” are trying to poison us with Chem trails. Several members of her cult believe in a psychological disorder known as morgellons; a belief that the body is infested with parasites.

One of the tactics that Jillian uses to control her narrative and manipulate the people within her cult is that she has constantly refused to debate anyone regarding her protocol. She would also actively delete people who asked questions regarding her concepts. Asking questions was a bannable offense. The only time Jillian has debated or openly engaged in discussions regarding her cult was when she was paid for her time, such as when she appeared on the Dr. Phil Show.

Not only does Jillian shame and admonish anyone who questions her ideology; She narcissistically believes that after spending 5 years researching on google and listening to shows like Alex Jones, she is an expert in natural healing remedies. Jillian would often encourage people to ignore the advice of medical professionals,such as a kidney dialysis nurse, who was concerned about the amount of sodium within the Jilly Juice recipe. In the screen shot I have shared, Jillian attempts to dismiss the concerns of a dialysis nurse. The nurse was ultimately banned from the group after expressing the dangers associated with excessive salt. Jillian has also admitted to receiving training from well known groups such as Land Mark; an organization that is known for using manipulation, gas lighting and brainwashing tactics upon their members.

It is obvious that those who follow the Jilly Juice Cult appear to be suffering from cognitive issues and lack critical thinking skills. Many of the people within the cult are attempting to mitigate autism, down syndrome and regrow missing organs and amputated limbs. All of these are scientifically impossible and there is no evidence to suggest that the claims Jillian has made are legitimate.

Ultimately, Jillian shows signs of a severe mental illness known as coprophilia, as well as symptoms of a form of disordered eating. She appears to suffer from grandiose delusions. Jillian even believes that her recipe can reverse aging and allow people to live forever. She proudly admits to being in a poop cult in this video:

The Jilly Juice recipe is essentially a glorified salt laxative; Jillian persuades people to abuse salt laxatives in order to “purge” the body of harmful parasites. Please note that abusing salt laxatives to purge the body is a form of disordered eating. According to the Jilly Juice Protocol, harmful parasites are the root cause of all illness and the only way to heal is to purge them from the body. It is important to note that some of the major side effects of long term laxative abuse are constipation and a reliance upon laxatives in order to have a bowel movement. Jillian enjoys hearing the testimonials from the members of the Jilly Juice cult who report constipation and uncontrolled bowels. When members of the cult report constipation, Jillian promotes digital penetration of the anus to “pull/pick out poop.” Jillian also uploads pictures of things she has picked out of her butthole. I believe this is evidence that she is literally obsessed with poop.

Jillian is obsessed with feces, she admits she is the proud leader of a “poop cult.” As it stands today, Jillian is continuing to promote her ideologies on Facebook. She is seeking to be hosted by larger platforms, such as Howard Stern and Oprah. I believe that Jillian is seeking public platforms with huge audiences in order to continue to garnish publicity and gain more followers.

Jillian is an arrogant and narcissistic cult leader. She is clever with how she verbalizes her ideas in order to skirt around FDA rules. I truly believe that by hosting her on national TV shows will only continue to inflate her. Although many people have reported Jillian to the FDA, AG, Medical Board and several other agencies that offer consumer protections, Jillian has somehow managed to continually make money and profit off the pain and suffering of people she has convinced to poison themselves.

Please note: all images were shared with me by an independent youtube commentator. I am using the content under fair use.