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“Corona Couture” Commissioned Art by Opeyemi Arogunmati

Lifeless, and hibernating, the world is quiet. Across the world, iconic landmarks have been deserted, leaving everywhere empty. Though Barcelona slowly comes to life from what was a ghost town, Vienna is closed, New York is closed, London is locked down. In a situation where factories are forced to shut down, and buying clothes becomes a mere afterthought what then becomes the reason for physical only fashion?

As Karl Marx once wrote, all that is solid melts into air. His words aptly describe what the fashion industry has failed to grasp throughout its existence — the world is more digital than ever before and fashion must evolve to exist digitally. …

Asking you to run your startup like a Cult might seem a bit sinister, but it’s absolutely how the best startups are founded. Your entrepreneurial exploits are a conspiracy against what currently exists and must be seen as an in house secret which you work together to bring to life.

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The Paypal Mafia (source: wikipedia)

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts, you’ll know that i’m a big fan of legendary entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel. His book Zero to One written with Blake Masters, is my favourite of all time simply because he writes as someone who knows exactly what he’s talking about. …

A Public Documentation of My Thoughts & Remarkable Things I’ve Encountered (Part 1.)

Sunday, 26th of June 2017 (3:05 am)

I define public documentation as short bits of an autobiography. In understanding that my death is out of my hands (no one really knows when God will call them) I want to write as much as possible about all I experience, as I know not when I will pass.

While believing that I will live long enough to achieve all I hope to, these series will document things I believe in and don’t believe in; things I love and things I don’t love as much; fiction and nonfiction stories; all sorts of things. …


Alex “Delz” Erinle

lifelong student of innovation & entrepreneurship.

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