Find the right design methods for your design challenge!

As designers (for UX, UI, Business, Service, whatever) we have to solve a problem. That’s our job. But how do we tackle this challenge? We apply design methods. Throughout the project. Often we always use the same ones that have proven themselves.

But there are a lot more. Similar to the ones we know, maybe even more exciting, purposeful or efficient. …

Have you already heard of Blizz, the new Online Meeting and Collaboration Companion by TeamViewer.

I have been working for this project for about 16 months now. My main focus has been the new Meeting User Interface which has been available for about two months. It works on any desktop and mobile device and every major platform! There’s also a Web Client (no download, no installation, no plug-in needed).

Of course, there are already other tools available and in general all these tools are quite similar. The difference is in the details, and cannot be found via pure feature comparison. During my time so far we have tried to identify and address real user needs, and their jobs (to be done) instead of just focusing on features or copying other tools. We have developed a framework which I call a “user focused decision process” (see image below / more details on that in a separate article) and modified some existing design methods so that they fit into our company setting, the stakeholders involved and our decision culture. …

… or at least I try to solve them in a strategic and methodical way. 😊

Hi! I’m Wolfram! 👋

I am a Senior User Experience Designer, UI Architect and Concept Developer at TeamViewer. 💻↔💻 I am responsible for conception and design in close collaboration with product owners, product managers, front-end and back-end developers.

My goal is to solve users’ problems, consider and address strategic and economic goals, and to help developers to implement potential solutions in a pragmatic and feasible way.

My focus is on Multiscreen UX Design and Content Design

Books and talks

📘 I wrote an English book on Multiscreen UX Design. …


Wolfram Nagel

Senior UX Designer (@TeamViewer), UI Architect, Multiscreen Evangelist, JTBD Thinker, Author of @msxbook, Initiator of @dmfndr. I love the web, my 👪 and ⚽️🚵‍.

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