2016 was one hell of a year.

Holiday Speech by Founder Heidi Hackemer

2016 was one hell of a year.

One hell of a year.

Some might say it kicked our ass.

So yes, let’s acknowledge the shit show that was 2016.

Repeat after me: FUCK YOU 2016.

Okay, now that that’s done,

I want to remind of that 2016 wasn’t all killer mosquitoes

and a political shit show

and a bunch of cool celebrities dying.

There was some awesome in 2016.

In fact, there was a lot of awesome.

In our walls.

Because when I look back at 2016,

I can say with absolute confidence that W&W served.


2016 was the year that started with Lauren and Val slaying


the Nike GM Summit,

setting a new bar as to what W&W can deliver.

2016 was the year that also started with Ashlinn slaying


a fast and fierce new business burst,

setting us up for a spring filled with projects.

Soon after, 2016 brought us Peyton and Cody.

Peyton brought us lettuce.

Cody brought us bagels and cream cheese with Doritos crushed on top.

2016 was the year that Val and Ashlinn

Got all warm and fuzzy with the NOLS clients

while the MeUndies clients became our BFF’s.

2016 was the year of Terry Lee. ‘

2016 was the year of the Heidi/Peyton West Coast SoulCycle / East Coast Amtrak tour.

2016 was another season of Game of Thrones tearing the office apart.

2016 was the year that Claudia got her visa.

2016 was the year that Lauren’s job changed five times.

2016 was the year of Ashlinn’s first solo motorcycle trip (yay!)

which led to (I think) her first moto crash

which led to all of us understanding

that wrist stimulation is not necessarily a sexual thing.

2016 was the year of illegal HOWL neon signage.

2016 was the year of dope-ass W&W jackets.

2016 was the year of Dolly Parton.

Thanks to the work of Kim, Lauren and crew,

2016 was the year that a Nike client had us get all up

in their strategy on the Makers project.

2016 brought us Tom.

2016 brought us Stu.

It brought us Jennifer and Veda.

2016 brought us Michael Hastings-Black and Robin.

2016 brought us William Charnock, the lovely CC, Rita and Camila.

2016 brought us more BLat, more JJ, more Katie, more Kathleen, more Stephen and more Emma.

In 2016 Claudia brought us a fish,

Missy brought us popcorn, dance parties and Twix.

Let us have a moment of good vibes to Twix.

To Twix!

And let’s also thank Ambika for not only bringing her shiny self and her crystals, but for also bringing Kingston and his strong sweater game into our lives in 2016.

To Kingston!

2016 is when Peyton not only kept the Creative Alliance running

But also showed us all how to handle high-powered marketing execs…

and their friends.

2016 was the year that we almost started a women’s motorcycle jacket company and then said

Fuck it.

Because we can.

So instead 2016 is when we decided to start four/twelve,

because if we’re not trying to change the world

through the businesses we create then

what the fuck are we doing?

In 2016, we went to the Women’s Summit in DC,

reinforcing how if women work together we can do anything.

And then in 2016, we met Yael from the Reformation

Who demonstrated how to be a badass ladyboss

2016 was the year that Kim invented shot roulette.

In 2016 Claudia and Val got some competition,

as this was the year that Cody went from

Keynote Michelle to Keynote Beyonce.

In 2016 Val, Kim, Tom and Anjali lived Oscar.

Ashley, Suhail and I worked it with Materne.

And Darrell and Lauren survived our non-existent accounting systems.

In 2016 we moved into the Haunt,

nestled into the J.Lo

and finally, officially, got a nap room.


In 2016 Val flew over 88,000 miles.




In 2016 Suhail literally bounded into our lives

with Rebecca hot on his heels.

Suhail brought an astounding moustache

and Rebecca brought BRAIDS!

(which Kim seemed to like quite a bit… ahem)

2016 was the year of education:

We met Professor Nguyen and Professor Noel.

We had many amazing Wolf Schools.

We taught Cody what a Diva cup was.

2016 was the year of home cooking,

from Camila’s arepas

to Kim’s mom’s oxtail

to Annie’s rice pudding

to Anjali’s chai

to Val’s queso

and too many things from Missy to count.

And let’s not forget that in 2016,

Ashley brought cheese curds in the Den

which is pretty much home cooking to the Wisconsin contingent.

Which raised the bar for the Ohio crew,

leading to Ambika introducing Buckeyes into our lives in 2016.

In 2016 we all learned about gluten-free.

We got even more intimate with champagne in 2016.

And in 2016 our client drank lots of Limoncello.

And we got all up in the world of rum…

In 2016, Bacardi came into our lives.

Which led to 2016 being the year of

Cody and Rebecca creating the best competitive audits I have ever seen,

Ashlinn & Anjali chasing down client-provided materials again and again and again and again,

Ashley killing workshop support for the

two ridiculously good ones that Val and Ambika led,

Suhail and Claudia getting in deep with beautiful people

(and Ambika doing birthday shots with Swizz)

while we all absolutely drowned the client in world-class deliverables along the way.

2016 is the year of the Muse.

2016 is the year of DJ Anjali.

2016 is the year of Peyton’s Metallica shirt.

2016 is the year that is ending with contracts being signed by


Nike New York

Nike Innovation

and Bombay.

2016 is when Val and Tom bonded together 
to bring the Unaugeral Ball into the world #proud

2016 is the year of family,

with the Littlejohn’s,

the Nguyen’s,

the Noel’s,

the Vitarelli’s,

the Romagnoli’s,

the Demmellash’s,

Mr. Raine,

Suhail’s dad,


Annie’s beautiful children

and the alcohol-stealing Wadwa’s coming to visit.

2016 was the year of giving of ourselves,

from NEW Inc

to Lower East Side Girls Club

from Standing Rock

to the White House.

(hair flip)

2016 was the year we went from five to fourteen.

2016 was a year of love.

We danced with love to celebrate our birthday in 2016 — Ashlinn’s skirt lit up and Suhail’s…

I don’t even know what to say about that outfit Suhail.

With leads to more love -

Annie, with Lauren’s steady eye,

not only killed it on the HOME HOWL in 2016,

but she did it while always reminding us

how magical and beautiful we are.

And so as take some time to rest and then head into 2017

- and 2017 will have its adventures -

just remember what Annie reminds us all the time

(and something that I deeply believe):

you all make this an amazing, fierce, caring, badass, wonderful place.

We are blessed.

To 2016!

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