Introducing Wolf Works Labs

Wolf Works Labs is a new company that will support, develop, and grow the Wolf Works DAO ecosystem.

Wolf Works
6 min readOct 29, 2022


Table of Contents

  1. The Wolf Works DAO Ecosystem
  2. Introducing Wolf Works Labs
  3. Vision
  4. Mission
  5. Inspiration
  6. Motivation
  7. Short-term Roadmap

The Wolf Works DAO Ecosystem

At its core, Wolf Works DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that puts the power directly in the hands of its stakeholders. By holding the $WLD token, stakeholders can participate in decision-making for all aspects of the DAO’s operations. This system allows for a democratic approach to investing and treasury management, ensuring that everyone has a say in how the organization is run and a stake in its success. In addition, the decentralized nature of Wolf Works DAO means that all stakeholders are aligned around a common goal: growing the value of the organization and its ecosystem.

Introducing Wolf Works Labs

Wolf Works Labs is a new company that specializes in Web3 and technology development. With an experienced team of crypto-natives, developers, architects, analysts, and designers at the helm, Wolf Works Labs will become a major contributor to the development and growth of the Wolf Works DAO ecosystem.


At Wolf Works Labs, we believe that innovation is at the heart of progress. We believe that simply maintaining the status quo is not good enough; instead, we are driven to push the boundaries and explore new frontiers where we can discover, utilize, implement, and develop new groundbreaking technologies.

Web3 is a rapidly growing technology field that presents exciting possibilities for rethinking the very foundations of how we transact and communicate with each other. With its focus on decentralization, transparency, and trust, Web3 promises to revolutionize our future by giving us new ways of thinking about everything from digital currencies to data security to the way we organize society. Ultimately, Web3 has the power to shake up many different industries and it is something that we wish to be a part of.

We believe that the Wolf Works DAO ecosystem is an opportunity in Web3 that is well-positioned for long-term growth due to its strong foundation, governance, and innovative ideas. Our team believes that through active participation in this ecosystem, we have the potential to further enhance its success over time and help grow it into one of the largest DAOs. We are very excited about what’s ahead, and we look forward to seeing what our collective efforts can accomplish.


At Wolf Works Labs, we are committed to helping build a stronger ecosystem around Wolf Works DAO. Our team of experts will take on a significant portion of the workload for expanding and supporting the DAO, working closely with members of the community and collaborating on important projects that will strengthen the ecosystem as a whole. By pooling our talents, skills, and resources, we believe that we can reach our shared vision of creating a robust and dynamic DAO that will continue to thrive in the future.


The decentralized nature of a DAO’s ecosystem poses an interesting challenge: how does the work to support the protocol actually get done? On one hand, there is no designated leader or central authority that assigns tasks or makes decisions about how the protocol should evolve over time. Instead, it falls to the community as a whole to determine how best to coordinate and get things done. There are various strategies that different DAOs have adopted in this regard, such as dividing up tasks among its members through voting, leveraging external expertise through a crowdsourcing model, relying on volunteer work, or relying on external organizations.

Diagram by Vitalik Buterin at Vitalik Buterin’s Website

In Vitalik Buterin’s recent blog post “DAOs are not corporations: where decentralization in autonomous organizations matters”, he created a diagram showing the relationship between a DAO’s “core governance” and how work gets distributed to “Pods” or “external organizations.” Since Wolf Works Labs is a company that is its own entity with its own funding and does not have control over the “core governance”, it would fall under the “external organization” category. This approach to getting work done has seemed to work well for other DAOs.

The Uniswap protocol is a prime example of how a DAO can directly benefit from having aligned goals with an “external organization.” Uniswap Labs benefits from supporting the decentralized ecosystem by holding the Uniswap governance tokens while developing, supporting, and expanding the ecosystem. The Uniswap Labs team has been instrumental in the creation and expansion of the Uniswap protocol. They have created web interfaces, introduced new products to the ecosystem, maintained communities, and more utility for the Uniswap protocol. Today, they’re still expanding the protocol’s ecosystem by introducing several new products to the ecosystem like the ability to trade NFTs on Uniswap and they recently raised $165m in new funding.


Currently, there are 523,813,105 $WLD tokens that are reserved for Wolf Works Labs. This means that Wolf Works Labs will directly benefit from the growth of Wolf Works DAO and is incentivized to do what is in the best interest of the ecosystem.

In order to safeguard the interests of the Wolf Works DAO community and maintain public trust, the company has decided to make a pledge to either abstain or not participate in voting with any tokens owned by the company for the next year. This means that even though Wolf Works Labs will hold a large number of tokens, it will not exercise its vote on any governance proposals during this period.

Short-term Roadmap

To achieve our long-term goals, we know that it is critical to focus on attracting and cultivating more talent in the short term. We are already actively recruiting new members for our team, both locally in the Philippines and globally. We will also be posting job openings for more skilled engineers, developers, and other professionals in the near future.

We recognize that the line between physical and virtual spaces is quickly blurring. As a result, we believe in bringing together employees from both worlds to foster environments that are focused on inspiration and innovation. Through shared experiences and continuous collaboration, we will create a dynamic workspace in which creativity and innovation reign supreme. Whether our employees are working remotely or in an office setting, we aim to build communities of creative individuals who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. With our unique blend of cutting-edge technology and dynamic human interaction, we will be at the forefront of the digital revolution, ensuring that our company remains at the top of its field for years to come.

To get started, we already have a temporary space in the brand-new Philippine Stock Exchange Tower. In January, we will move into our permanent offices and we will have services that we believe will help us to succeed. With a 99.99% guaranteed uptime on both power and connectivity, we have secured a stable operating environment for our team and server infrastructure. Both physical and cyber security is top-notch, so our team will be able to safely to conduct their cutting-edge development and operations. This location is a perfect fit for our dynamic, fast-paced team, and it will provide us with ample room to grow and expand over the coming years in this region.

Beyond this, our goal will always be to continuously improve upon the various aspects of the Wolf Works DAO ecosystem. Whether it’s developing tools, dapps, interfaces, resources, crypto insurance products, certification and audits, deploying additional protocols or strengthening our network of partners, we are constantly working to make positive changes that benefit both Wolf Works Labs and the entire Wolf Works DAO ecosystem. We will be sharing updates regularly on our progress moving forward.