Where’s the Good in Goodbye?

“Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything. It’s the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it.” -Trey Parker

I thought the last week of this internship would be the happiest one because I can finally go home in our province and that the internship is finally over thus I can summer the remaining days of our summer break. However, ever since Monday I was feeling a bit off because we only have few days left in FEED. But despite the feeling of sadness on the near farewell the show must go on thus we need to do our work.

This week we had a wrapping up on the last week’s year end assessment, we summarized and finalized our documentation on the discussions, agreements and clarifications that had been raised by the staff last week. I was nervous at first because it was my first time to do a legit documentation in a very serious event. I had to extend my eyes, ears and full attention to the discussions so that I could capture the gist of what they are saying. Of course, I felt a little bit of ‘sepanx’ or separation anxiety to the other staff that became our new friends that had returned in their respective communities all over Philippines.

In our last day with the FEED family me, Avekhenn and Deanne prepared a little surprise to our FEED family to show our respect, gratitude and farewell to the amazing people that helped us throughout this internship and had guide us along the way and had shared their expertise, life stories and experiences to us. We would never be who we are right now without them. They are now a huge part in our life and I am glad that I had met the beautiful, kind-hearted and noble people who are very dedicated to their work and are ready to serve the people at any cost. They are the real Filipino people, who are ready to serve us, the marginalized and the left behinds.

Last night, we had a get together of some of the staff in a KTV bar. It was great yet sad because after how many hours of good time we know that we have to say goodbye. I will miss them but as Miss Bing told us we are always welcome in FEED. I know I will come back there and visit them and even volunteer in their noble cause. I am glad I have been part of this amazing family. Thank you FEED, we will miss you and we love you.

Serve the people!