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Customer experience is going to be a crucial differentiator for businesses in the next decade. Here’s how to make sure yours meets the mark.

Changing customer expectations have punched a hole through the idea of a linear customer journey. Businesses have to think about the explosion of customer experience (CX) touchpoints beyond physical retail to include their online presence, chatbots, phone calls, SMS, self-driven customer research, and more. Unfortunately, getting stakeholder buy-in for necessary CX projects is difficult — especially because CX has typically been viewed as a cost-cutting measure, not a value generator.

Ben Woll, Director of Client Services at Myplanet, recently hosted a webinar on how telecom businesses are using CX to win new business, featuring expert panelists Mark Demeny, Director of Content Management Strategy at Contentful; Peter Tanner, Director of Digital Media Product Development at Rogers Communications; and Piyush Patel, the Chief Strategic Business Development Officer at Algolia. …

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