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I wasn’t going to see it after the bad trailer and reviews but then after all this talk on both sides I thought it must not be bad cause some like it and some thing it’s sexest to guys. The i saw it and I realized it was just a bad movie the slapped the fans in the face. They kill the orgnal Ghostbusters in the movie and guess what they didn’t want to be called Ghostbusters. Such a shame it wasn’t even funny except for the guy who was playing a dumb assistant, how sad is that. This movie was horrible no fan of Ghostbusters can watch this and say it was a good Ghostbusters movie or a good movie for that matter. And if you say or well it was to show women are good lead actors for sci-fi you need to shut up and watch sg1 that has a real sci-fi actor that’s a woman not these three wannabe fools.