Today I’m thinking a lot about connection. That moment that your soul finds something familiar in another. A moment of pure, unexpected chemistry. Thousands of rom coms, chick lits, and Cosmo articles are dedicated to this moment of fire. They tell us time and again that these moments are rare, and that they have profound meaning. That they point to some destiny that we should pursue without thought or abandon.

Is this true? I’ve always believed in signs from the universe. I think that life tends to give you exactly what you need when you need it, as long as you’re open to it. It sends you lessons and reminders to help you find your way, and your job is to listen.

So maybe these rare moments of intensity aren’t so much about the person you share them with, but instead about the moment in which they happen. Can we separate the delivery of the message from the message itself?

As someone who hates what-ifs, I’m inclined to say no. My immediate reaction is you should find out why you connected like that in that moment. That you have nothing to lose by pursuing that feeling and learning more about where it comes from. And that you might just kick yourself if you don’t.

Too often I think the fear of humiliation or rejection stops us from saying what we think. Stops us from taking risks. But when every cell in your body is humming, when the electricity stays with you after the moment is gone, when you can’t get someone off your mind, even if you don’t really know them….

Isn’t a little humiliation worth the reward?

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