A simple but deep dynamic. Here are my goals:

My top 5 Goals for 2018:

1) Meditate DAILY.

2) Take care of my body: eat healthy and do yoga and/or run at least 4 days per week.

3) Grow my business: Increase 5x sales, generate 3 jobs & increase my income.

4) Finish University.

5) Develop my emotional intelligence and invest in my personal development.

What ‘s stopping me from achieving these goals?

1) Not having an organized schedule and wasting time on banal activities such as social media.

2) Not having routines.

3) Lack of financial planning: more costs than sales and irregular investments.

4) Lazyness! Also, I no longer live in my home place where my University is and communication with teachers and burocracy is kind of complicated.

5) Being present in my activities and see my personal development as an spending, not an investment.

What I’ll need to achieve these goals?

1) Waking up earlier (6:00 AM) to have time for myself and create a routine.

2) Respect my exercise hour everyday (at night) and prepare my breakfast& lunch one night before.

3) Planning my annual expenditure, incomes & investment and create and execute a sales system.

4) Dedicate 3 hours per week to do homework, email every Monday all my teachers & hire someone to do my paperwork at school.

5) Journaling DAILY and take 2 courses / seminars in a year related to emotional intelligence.

Why are these goals important for me?

1) To know myself better and control my ego.

2) To feel excited and motivated and have energy for my work.

3) To achieve my ultimate goal: dedicate to reproduce bees & work with mayan communities.

4) To close cycles.

5) To have healthier relationships, with my partner, my family, friends and co-workers.

Thank you for being part of this journey.


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