Tribalism (T) the heart of all Evil..

Dear Tribalism (T),

I hate you.

Somalia- Somalia runs through my veins. From the way I walk, the way I talk and the way I see this big world we live in. Everyday I'm thankful, for my culture and language. To wake up every morning and be able to identify with something, relate to something and come from something. This is what it gives me. I am so proud of my heritage and my people.

I remember when I first came across you T, I was 11 years old, completely blind and unaware of the destruction you cause on a daily basis. I can only thank my parents for that as they have shielded me from your evil for 11 years. I remember sitting amongst some friends of mine, young Somali girls. So innocent and fragile. Then a sudden utterance of the word, Qabiil, brings confusion and awkward silences within the room. They all knew what it meant, but I did not. Wanting to know what it meant but feeling too ashamed to ask, it sounded so special and secretive that I sat there, and pretended to know. They continued to mention the different names of their equally different tribes. Some even having the confidence to claim their tribes as superior to others.

I sat there astonished, to hear that there was something other than Somalia, something deeper. I was curious for the first time to find out why there was a division, and if so who am I?

Oh Wow, T how I wished you had not existed.

I raced home, desperately trying to remember the word. To store it somewhere in my brain. Qabiil, Qabiil, Qabiil.

‘Hooyo, what is Qabiil?’ That was the question I asked my mother. I could tell from her facial expression, she was sad. She replied in Somali ‘And, who taught you that word?’ to me that was besides the point. I just wanted to know what it meant. To her, it was a realisation, an epiphany of some sort. That was the day she knew I had access to the real world, although she hoped to keep me protected till was in my 20s. She knew it was time she gave me the tools to survive this demon.

That was the day I knew who you were. I finally started living in the real world and found it to be quite messy and so unappealing. Knowing that someone hated me, because I came from a certain tribe. I could not grasp it. How is that even possible?

The older I got the more information my parents would give me surrounding you and what you mean to Somalis. The thought is heartbreaking, to know that I couldn't fall in love with a guy from certain tribe, not because we wouldn't understand our cultural differences, but because there is bad blood between us.

When I look at my Somali peers and friends, I see us as one. I always have and always will.


I despise you for creating such a division amongst people who are so beautiful and so just frickin’ amazing. So I am asking, that you bring peace to Somali people across the globe, and to other cultures that suffer from your destruction.

I love you Somalia, one day you shall be free of Mr (T).

To peace and unity, worldwide.

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