The Courage To NOT Vote For Evil (In Either Its Greater Or Lesser Forms)

I am once again reminded of Maya Angelou’s wise encouragement and admonishment — “Words are things. Someday we’ll be able to measure the power of words. I think they are things. They get on the walls. They get in your wallpaper. They get in your rugs, in your upholstery, and your clothes, and finally into you.” Words have power. Words matter. Words shape reality. As a people, I want us to become more mindful of the potential implications of using sound to form words indicating that we will, and suggesting that others should, “vote for the lesser of two EVILS.”

My spirit is deeply troubled that the majority of the populace has resigned itself to knowingly “vote for Evil." What does it mean for humanity when Evil’s reign supreme is a foregone conclusion? And, what does it mean for you to not only see Evil as a foregone conclusion, but to feel compelled to usher it along its inevitable way?

Is resistance an option? Is it possible to NOT vote for Evil?

This is a serious question.

And, how does NOT voting for Evil get interpreted as a vote for Evil?

Deciding to NOT vote for Evil reminds me of the moment a colleague taught me to always play “Angel’s Advocate.” She would say, “Playing Angel’s Advocate (because I do not advocate for the Devil)…”

Angel’s Advocate. I like that. It takes a lot of courage to stare down Evil; maybe even more so when it shows up in seemingly less dangerous forms. In this personal struggle, Maya’s words fortify me once again. In addition to reminding us of the power of words, she also taught us that “Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.”

Remaining true to one’s moral conviction is EXTREMELY challenging. Still, this November, I will summon all of my courage and NOT vote for Evil (in either its greater or lesser form). #NeverHillary #NeverTrump #DemExit