Worth Fighting For Regardless of Who Ends Up In The White House

Call me the Queen of Lists. @TheWayWithAnoa should have never introduced me to medium.com (lol). So far, I have used it to publish my #demplatform testimony (also learned about from @TheWayWithAnoa), list of reasons why voting Blue no matter who just didn’t do, list of 20+ reasons Black Americans should have considered #JillNotHill in November, and most recently, my list of psychological manipulation techniques used by politicians, political strategists, pundits, family, friends, and foes to influence your thinking and behavior this election season.

Because we all lead very busy lives, I appreciate the cognitive economy served through being able to quickly scan such lists, determine whether the lists in their entirety, or particular items on them, are worth further investigation and consideration, and the convenient links that will take me down various rabbit holes. With this spirit in mind, I have put together another list focusing on well articulated platforms that all humanists who love justice can use to guide their activism, regardless of who ends up in the White House. This list is a work in progress. Viva The Political Revolución!

  1. Movement 4 Black Lives/ #BlackLivesMatter “A Vision For Black Lives: Policy Demands For Black Power, Freedom & Justice”
  2. Campaign Zero To End Police Violence In America*
  3. Main Street Marshall Plan
  4. Move To Amend
  5. House Democrats “Stronger America: By The People Legislative Package”
  6. Progressive Green Party Platform
  7. Bernie Sanders Presidential Platform
  8. Represent Us
  9. Former Bernie Sanders Staffers’ “Brand New Congress” (because without this, it will be difficult to accomplish any of the aforementioned)

*= Suspect. Corporate Sponsorship.

| #OurRevolution | ✊🏽