Being Single.

I’m sick of being single… ed out.

I’m choosing. To be single.

I’ve tried dating, relationships. I’ve had the boyfriends. I’ve been around.

And yet… I still choose to be single.

But… my largest people group. Are all married. And have been married for many years; with children and usually one on the way. So, when it comes to baby showers, and children’s parties and hanging out with people, I’m ignored. Well, ignored until they need a sitter…

Because I don’t have a kid. So their kid has someone to play with.

Because I don’t have a husband. So their husband has someone to talk to.

Because they don’t want me to feel awkward.

Because… insert whatever.

I’m sick of it. Just because I’m not married doesn’t mean I’m not willing to love your family, and spend time with your WHOLE family. I would love to hangout with you and your kid. I would love to go to dinner with you and your husband. (In a non-weird way)

I’d love to be involved in your life, trust me it’s not awkward for me.

But no. I’m ignored. I’m forgotten.

Because I don’t have a husband.

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