Dating as an Adult

Which seems like such a trivial or silly topic.

And I don’t mean, as a 20-something “adult”, not that, at the ripe old age of 30-something, I could be considered an… “adult” by some.

Maybe I should have titled this:

Dating for the first time in 7 years.


In 7 years… I have been on 1 date. 1. And as we started to plan our lives together (chill before you jump on the whoa, slow that pony girlfriend, it’s one date… he and I had known each other for 5 years at that point and talked about becoming an item for the last year) he starts dating another girl (his now wife) and tells me, he no longer has feelings for me.

Boom. Straight through the feels.

I’ve never been good at talking to the opposite sex. I prefer things to happen naturally, verses, two people trying to find each other in the dark and hoping not to grab onto something they shouldn’t, so they don’t even bother moving or putting their arms out. So, the next logical step… was to join Tinder. Because when all else fails, let algorithms do the work for you. (Nothing against Tinder)

I’ve joined it and deleted it, probably 5 times now. I just don’t even know. A few have seem promising, then either:

A. I chickened out.

B. They ended up being dicks (literal and figurative).

C. They never responded.

I’m in my thirties. On one hand, Ive been single for so long, and I was never a girl who HAD/S to have a boyfriend. I've always been a, lone wolf, as it were. But, more and more… dare I say… I kind of want to be in a relationship?

But here’s the rub, here’s title.

My last relationship was abusive and a cheater. It took me 5 years to get to “okay”, after we broke up.

Went on one date, thought it went well, but as I stated earlier, it did not.

Also, after 7 years… I don’t know how to talk to men.

I can tell you weird facts about animals and make terrible puns until we figure out how the chicken crossed the road, but no one wants to date that… (did you see what I did there)

I am socially awkward.

And messages do not read well.


This is why I’m single.

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