I Could Say

I Could Say

I could say I hate Donald Trump and it wouldn’t be that wrong. What I hate is the world that made his behavior okay.

I could say that I don’t know many women who haven’t faced Sexual Assault or harassment in some form in their lifetime and this world has made it okay.

I could say that when I was 18 I was sexually assaulted at a party by a chaperone who should have known better and that because the male friends at this party laughed and thought it was funny I kept quiet. I could say that to his day I can’t stand my arms to be touched.

I could say that I believed for years after that women were supposed to submit to the will of men because we were less important and seen as objects not human beings of value.

Why are women less valuable than men? Are Trumps words and actions so unique or part of a bigger machine that will never give us the respect we deserve and have earned.

Just thinking about his words fill me with rage and the fact that people have made it seem as if it’s not a big deal. Locker Room talk. I would like to tell them that it could be their Sister, Mother, Daughter and maybe then they would care. Maybe then they would hate a world that has made it okay to treat people as things.